Con's Construction Event ...of Awesome!

Alright, so here's the official post for the Event tomorrow evening at 7PM Eastern.

ACCM Construction Kill Session: (7PM-8PM)
Two teams duke it out in a bid to be true heroes and win. 10-30 minute build up of bases, and then, the destruction begins.

Super Grav Speedway Race Awesome: (8PM-8:30PM)
1st Race - Arctic Speedway Free Run
2nd Race - Flatland Beacon Race
3rd Race - Katabatic Figure-8 with complete enemy bot team.

Wind-Down Chill Build: (8:30-????)
Chill out build on Beach of Highrock Island

That is all.


  • Needed Maps:

    RealCity2002 (Right-click, save as)

    Race Map Pack 2

    Beach of Highrock Island
  • :( I'm sorry I missed. I don't know how to get Tribes to work. You should definitely contact the Steam group or make a thread in there because we all use it.
  • There is an event on the Steam group calendar. If you need help, I can log in around noon eastern time to try and help you fix Tribes, Plus, I got a few things I need to set up around that time anyways.
  • rrysterf Senior Member
    I'm so ready.
  • A quick word! Make sure your server filters are set for all servers!

    Server name will be - Con's Construction Event

    Going online in about 25 minutes
  • HHumans yes i built that
    Wish I could make it:(
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