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1 - 07-17-2009, 07:27 AM quote
Zephyr Zen
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Exclamation I'am tired of the rudeness

I'am tired of rude people that come into servers and start on people from the word go, like skullerX he's extremely rude and incorrect with his behaviour and so is nukem can we not talk civil on the forums? Every were i look its F*** you and F*** that or you're a F***ing pear or you're a C*** half the time i don't even bother looking at
the forums and go ahead calling me a whiner i don't give a rats butt obviously the people that like spamming and that person in one is being Several *points at nukem Deathborn*
2 - 07-17-2009, 07:56 AM quote
Hybrid Volt
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You're guilty of this crime as well.

3 - 07-17-2009, 08:00 AM quote
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Originally Posted by Zephyr Zen
I'am tired of rude people that come into servers and start on people from the word go, like skullerX he's extremely rude and incorrect with his behaviour and so is nukem can we not talk civil on the forums? Every were i look its F*** you and F*** that or you're a F***ing pear or you're a C*** half the time i don't even bother looking at
the forums and go ahead calling me a whiner i don't give a rats butt obviously the people that like spamming and that person in one is being Several *points at nukem Deathborn*

How cute, cry some more little baby. Now then... Fuck you, cunt.
4 - 07-17-2009, 08:31 AM quote
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Zephyr, its the internet, some people live in it.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold...
And Screaming
5 - 07-17-2009, 11:24 AM quote
AKA Electricutioner
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I present several exhibits. For the most part, I've stripped any extraneous and irrelevant conversation entries. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Mostly friendly programming advice.
2009/06/02 20:18.31 Arc rider421: Thyth? my mum says if i wan't to do programing that bad i would learn it
2009/06/02 20:18.45 Thyth: Arc, how old are you?
2009/06/02 20:18.49 Arc rider421: 15
2009/06/02 20:18.58 Thyth: And you know zero programming languages?
2009/06/02 20:19.05 Arc rider421: Been in limited School my Whole life doesn't help :/
2009/06/02 20:19.18 Arc rider421: No i know none
2009/06/02 20:19.33 Thyth: Ok... I don't have time to teach you.
2009/06/02 20:19.39 Thyth: Presumably you know how to use Google, right?
2009/06/02 20:19.45 Arc rider421: its ok i can understadn how busy you are
2009/06/02 20:19.47 Thyth: An easy language to learn for beginners is Python.
2009/06/02 20:19.55 Arc rider421: Python?
2009/06/02 20:20.02 Arc rider421: k Good site?
2009/06/02 20:20.02 Thyth: If you Google something like: Programming in Python, I'm sure you'll find loads of reading.
2009/06/02 20:20.05 Mezalyth: Whoa, wait, I was told Python isn't a good starter...
2009/06/02 20:20.08 Mezalyth: Like...
2009/06/02 20:20.15 Mezalyth: It made coding fun again, but it's relatively easy, yes?
2009/06/02 20:20.18 Thyth: Python is a good starting language.
2009/06/02 20:20.23 Thyth: I personally hate it.
2009/06/02 20:20.23 Mezalyth: Ah.
2009/06/02 20:20.25 Mezalyth: Heh.
2009/06/02 20:20.31 Mezalyth: What about sampling from the medicine cabinet?
2009/06/02 20:20.32 Arc rider421: K what can you do in Python?
2009/06/02 20:20.36 Thyth: Anything.
2009/06/02 20:20.42 Arc rider421: Assmbaly?
2009/06/02 20:20.50 Arc rider421: Games?
2009/06/02 20:20.51 Thyth: Well, assembly is a type of language.
2009/06/02 20:20.54 Thyth: You can make games.
2009/06/02 20:20.58 Arc rider421: ok
2009/06/02 20:21.04 Thyth: Part of Google's systems are written in Python.
2009/06/02 20:21.17 Mezalyth: Arc, just go lookup Python and start reading there.
2009/06/02 20:21.20 Mezalyth: maybe checkout Wikipedia, even.
2009/06/02 20:21.34 Thyth: Yeah... I have nothing else to say. Go start reading. You'll find what you need if you know how to search.
2009/06/02 20:21.39 Arc rider421: Thyth your such a book of knowlage
2009/06/02 20:22.27 Arc rider421: i was thinking when i leave school i was going to do Firewall Programing for the army
2009/06/02 20:22.36 Thyth: Have fun. That sounds amazingly boring.
2009/06/02 20:22.51 Arc rider421: Close to 120.000Thousand
2009/06/02 20:22.53 Mezalyth: Yay graphics...
2009/06/02 20:22.53 [Chm] Mezalyth: I wonder how that would go...
2009/06/02 20:23.08 Mezalyth: Only takes eyes...I think.
2009/06/02 20:23.08 [Chm] Mezalyth: NSA would freak at the gaps, yes?
2009/06/02 20:23.09 Arc rider421: thanks you Thyth

I guess I was AFK at the time.
2009/06/13 01:33.04 Arc rider421: i'am not sure Nao google it for me please?
2009/06/13 01:33.10 {NOS}Mezalyth: wtf
2009/06/13 01:33.12 Naosyth: you an google it
2009/06/13 01:33.12 {NOS}Mezalyth: YOU google it
2009/06/13 01:33.20 Arc rider421: i can't not while in tribes 2
2009/06/13 01:33.22 redfalco: stop yelling
2009/06/13 01:33.24 {NOS}Mezalyth: alt tab
2009/06/13 01:33.28 Naosyth: Neither can I, then
2009/06/13 01:33.39 Arc rider421: i have dialup -.-
2009/06/13 01:33.44 lokdie: lol...
2009/06/13 01:34.28 Arc rider421: i do not have the Bandwidth to do Webbrowsing and Playing a Game
2009/06/13 01:34.33 {NOS}Mezalyth: shame
2009/06/13 01:34.53 Arc rider421: May you please google it for me?
2009/06/13 01:35.20 Arc rider421: i ask politely..........
2009/06/13 01:35.26 {NOS}Mezalyth: I politely decline.
2009/06/13 01:35.50 Arc rider421: hmmmmm you're a ass
2009/06/13 01:35.54 {NOS}Mezalyth: ok
2009/06/13 01:35.56 redfalco: oh please be nice to thid fellow
2009/06/13 01:36.00 lokdie: what do you need to find?
2009/06/13 01:36.00 {NOS}Mezalyth: I guess you're not googling then?
2009/06/13 01:36.02 redfalco: this
2009/06/13 01:36.21 Arc rider421: Mez you are a jerk
2009/06/13 01:36.30 {NOS}Mezalyth: I thought you said you would stop whining.
2009/06/13 01:36.48 redfalco: yea mez you ARE jerk
2009/06/13 01:36.49 Arc rider421: and Ignorant
2009/06/13 01:36.50 {NOS}Mezalyth: I POLITELY declined
2009/06/13 01:36.53 {NOS}Mezalyth: and you freaked
2009/06/13 01:36.58 {NOS}Mezalyth: you shouldn't be surprised
2009/06/13 01:37.00 lokdie: lol... aparently we'll have yotta bytes soon
2009/06/13 01:37.14 lokdie: do we even have enough info to fill it?
2009/06/13 01:37.29 {NOS}Mezalyth: heheh...i can't wait for Yb flash-drives
2009/06/13 01:37.33 Arc rider421: i wonder how mez gets around with out being polite?
2009/06/13 01:37.38 {NOS}Mezalyth: Oh, simple.
2009/06/13 01:37.46 {NOS}Mezalyth: i'm polite to people who are courteous to me
2009/06/13 01:38.01 Arc rider421: i was i said please
2009/06/13 01:38.09 {NOS}Mezalyth: and I said I'd rather not
2009/06/13 01:38.12 {NOS}Mezalyth: and then you freaked
2009/06/13 01:38.21 Arc rider421: Forget it
2009/06/13 01:38.24 {NOS}Mezalyth: Done.
2009/06/13 01:38.34 redfalco: mez can your rep get any worse
2009/06/13 01:38.39 {NOS}Mezalyth: loads

2009/06/15 22:08.22 Arc rider421: Thyth leave crapage aone
2009/06/15 22:08.26 Arc rider421: aloe*
2009/06/15 22:08.32 Arc rider421: Alone*
2009/06/15 22:08.56 Thyth: Why?
2009/06/15 22:09.10 Arc rider421: why Annoy him?
2009/06/15 22:09.15 Thyth: Because he ran me over.
2009/06/15 22:09.20 Arc rider421: so
2009/06/15 22:09.45 Arc rider421: that is completely immature in my opinion
2009/06/15 22:09.48 Thyth: So, if running people over isn't a big deal, sucking them into a vortex isn't either.
2009/06/15 22:10.17 Arc rider421: In real life i would say yeah throw him in jail and throw away the key but its a game
2009/06/15 22:10.35 Thyth: So... you're saying running people over isn't a big deal in a game?
2009/06/15 22:10.41 Arc rider421: No.~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.no.wav
2009/06/15 22:10.56 Thyth: Then what are you saying?
2009/06/15 22:11.08 Arc rider421: wait yes i'am
2009/06/15 22:11.26 Thyth: So, you're saying that running people over isn't a big deal in this game?
2009/06/15 22:11.31 Arc rider421: Yes.~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.yes.wav
2009/06/15 22:11.39 Thyth: And sucking people into a vortex is a big deal?
2009/06/15 22:11.50 Arc rider421: i guess i don't really mind
2009/06/15 22:11.54 Thyth: That's really interesting logic.
2009/06/15 22:12.06 Crappage: o_O~wfx/environment/lavabloop4.wav
2009/06/15 22:12.21 Thyth: Plus, I'm sure he's having lots of fun.
2009/06/15 22:12.21 Arc rider421: not like you can be a A$$
2009/06/15 22:12.29 Arc rider421: can't*
2009/06/15 22:12.53 Crappage: Uh-Huh.~wvoice/Derm2/vqk.yes.wav
2009/06/15 22:12.57 Thyth: If running people over isn't a big deal, sucking people into a vortex is less than a big deal.
2009/06/15 22:13.23 Arc rider421: And rude thyth you come into the server just because i get in you're way you kick me and call me a Idiot
2009/06/15 22:13.27 Crappage: Well, getting run over makes you die and you can just respawn, but getting thrown around is more time wasteful
2009/06/15 22:13.39 Crappage: So there's the logic
2009/06/15 22:13.44 Arc rider421: Yes.~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.yes.wav
2009/06/15 22:13.48 Thyth: Yeah... but it's not like you've even asked me to stop, Crap.
2009/06/15 22:14.02 Crappage: Aye, but I'm talking about 'normal' people
2009/06/15 22:14.07 Thyth: Yeah...
2009/06/15 22:14.15 Thyth: Arc here likes to presume.
2009/06/15 22:14.25 Dannis: Sup Thyth
2009/06/15 22:14.33 Thyth: Hacking the gibson.
2009/06/15 22:14.39 Crappage: o_O~wfx/environment/lavabloop4.wav
2009/06/15 22:14.42 Thyth: And trying to figure out how to CT an entire building.
2009/06/15 22:15.03 Arc rider421: Stupid idea
2009/06/15 22:15.16 Dannis: Ok how do I load buildings here?
2009/06/15 22:15.17 Crappage: Yea.~wvoice/Male5/vqk.yes.wav
2009/06/15 22:15.21 Crappage: alt-f4
2009/06/15 22:15.23 Thyth: ./loadbuilding
2009/06/15 22:15.23 Arc rider421: No.~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.no.wav
2009/06/15 22:15.24 Arc rider421: No.~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.no.wav
2009/06/15 22:15.25 Arc rider421: No.~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.no.wav
2009/06/15 22:15.25 Naosyth: Do you have any saved?
2009/06/15 22:15.25 Arc rider421: No.~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.no.wav
2009/06/15 22:15.26 Crappage: Yes.~wvoice/Male5/gbl.yes.wav
2009/06/15 22:15.26 Thyth: ./listsaves
2009/06/15 22:15.29 Thyth: ./savebuilding
2009/06/15 22:15.32 Thyth: ./deletebuilding
2009/06/15 22:15.38 Dannis: How can i download a building file to this server?
2009/06/15 22:15.42 Naosyth: you cant
2009/06/15 22:15.43 Thyth: You can't.
2009/06/15 22:15.51 Crappage: You have to make your own stuff
2009/06/15 22:15.58 Thyth: It's a rather large security risk.
2009/06/15 22:16.03 Naosyth: Grr.. a tiny bug flew in to my salad
2009/06/15 22:16.14 Arc rider421: Sorry.~wvoice/Derm3/vqk.sorry.wav
2009/06/15 22:16.17 Thyth: Loading buildings from other people, that is.
2009/06/15 22:16.19 Dannis: Arc shrike fight?
2009/06/15 22:16.23 Arc rider421: No.~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.no.wav
2009/06/15 22:16.23 Arc rider421: Thanks.~wvoice/Derm3/vqk.thanks.wav
2009/06/15 22:16.27 Dannis: Its my building thyth
2009/06/15 22:16.30 Dannis: I made it
2009/06/15 22:16.33 Thyth: Looks like Crappage has nicelaggy internet.
2009/06/15 22:16.36 Arc rider421: Thyth can you tell me why you call me a Idiot?
2009/06/15 22:16.52 Thyth: an idiot*
2009/06/15 22:17.01 Dannis: Teaches you to shoot at me
2009/06/15 22:17.18 Arc rider421: you call me a Idiot sevont
2009/06/15 22:17.32 Thyth: What's a sevont?
2009/06/15 22:17.44 Arc rider421: a Idiot Sevont
2009/06/15 22:17.49 Thyth: What's a sevont?
2009/06/15 22:18.10 Arc rider421: it baiscly means a Autistic
2009/06/15 22:18.19 Thyth: Do you mean savant?
2009/06/15 22:18.23 Thyth: You're not a savant.
2009/06/15 22:18.23 Naosyth: lol
2009/06/15 22:18.33 Arc rider421: a Idoit Sevant
2009/06/15 22:18.38 Thyth: You're not a savant.
2009/06/15 22:18.39 Naosyth: ..
2009/06/15 22:18.39 Arc rider421: agh
2009/06/15 22:18.47 Crappage: I'm slightly a savant
2009/06/15 22:18.54 Arc rider421: Nvm
2009/06/15 22:19.06 Crappage: o_O~wfx/environment/lavabloop4.wav
2009/06/15 22:19.22 Thyth: And "idiot savant" is the outdated medical term for "autistic savant."
2009/06/15 22:19.32 Thyth: Hasn't been used for almost 30 years.
2009/06/15 22:19.44 Crappage: Yes, he would know
2009/06/15 22:20.25 Thyth: I have one of the medieval Merck manuals.
2009/06/15 22:20.36 Arc rider421: Idiot Savant a term use to Describe Developmental disorders Such as Autsium
2009/06/15 22:22.09 Thyth: Arc needs a life.
2009/06/15 22:22.14 Thyth: Which doesn't suck.
2009/06/15 22:22.42 Thyth: Well... everybody has sucky moments in their lives.
2009/06/15 22:22.54 Dannis: Im having an awsome moment in my life =P
2009/06/15 22:23.07 Thyth: Fortunately, there are people that can ascend over that sort of mediocrity.
2009/06/15 22:23.08 Arc rider421: Now Thyth do you kno what a Idiot savant is?
2009/06/15 22:23.18 Thyth: Yes, a 30 year old outdated term for an autistic savant.
2009/06/15 22:23.55 Thyth: A savant is someone who displays remarkable mental faculties in a narrow range of capabilities.
2009/06/15 22:24.04 Arc rider421: Is it me thyth or do you have a Massive amou ount of arrogance?
2009/06/15 22:24.11 Thyth: Such as being able to perform complex mathematics in their head.
2009/06/15 22:24.23 Thyth: Or being able to count a bunch of objects after seeing them for a split second.
2009/06/15 22:24.45 Arc rider421: thyth are you arrogant?
2009/06/15 22:24.50 Crappage: Yes he is
2009/06/15 22:24.58 Arc rider421: i thought so
2009/06/15 22:25.04 Thyth: Totally. Like... majorly narcissistic. I'm also sarcastic.
2009/06/15 22:25.13 Dannis: Arc shush thyth helped make Tribesnext
2009/06/15 22:25.28 Dannis: If it wasnt for him you wouldnt be playin this game arc
2009/06/15 22:25.32 Crappage: Ahrm, that was a project he made for school
2009/06/15 22:25.41 Thyth: TN isn't a school project.
2009/06/15 22:25.47 Crappage: o rly?
2009/06/15 22:25.51 Arc rider421: i don't mind if i wasn't playing this game i have a HL2 server still active
2009/06/15 22:26.01 Thyth: That's a lie.
2009/06/15 22:26.03 Arc rider421: oops HW2
2009/06/15 22:26.16 Arc rider421: Homeworld 2
2009/06/15 22:26.49 Arc rider421: its a Private one for me and Mentulmhat
2009/06/15 22:27.48 Crappage: tycho sucks
2009/06/15 22:27.52 Dannis: ...
2009/06/15 22:27.53 Dannis: Wow
2009/06/15 22:27.58 Arc rider421: Tycho is not AI
2009/06/15 22:28.00 Crappage: fuck tycho
2009/06/15 22:28.01 Thyth: Tycho is a dumb chat bot I wrote for this mod, eons ago.
2009/06/15 22:28.44 Thyth: Back when I hosted more frequently...
2009/06/15 22:28.52 Thyth: There were a ton of questions that people kept asking.
2009/06/15 22:29.02 Arc rider421: Ok theres where thyths Sarcasum come in with the bot
2009/06/15 22:29.17 Thyth: So, I decided to write a chat bot to answer the common questions.
2009/06/15 22:29.26 Thyth: Who is Electricutioner?
2009/06/15 22:29.30 Thyth: Who is God?
2009/06/15 22:29.39 Arc rider421: And you're god haahhaahhahaahha
2009/06/15 22:30.34 Dannis: tycho, sex, thats all i have to say
2009/06/15 22:30.39 Dannis: Oh ok
2009/06/15 22:30.40 Dannis: XD
2009/06/15 22:30.42 Thyth: There was a french player who liked to play on my server a while ago... so I added this:
2009/06/15 22:30.44 Dannis: Tycho are you god?
2009/06/15 22:36.53 Arc rider421: Tycgo F|_|CK you
2009/06/15 22:37.01 Crappage: fuck tycho
2009/06/15 22:37.12 Dannis: Tycho fuck you
2009/06/15 22:37.24 Arc rider421: SH|T
2009/06/15 22:37.47 Arc rider421: thyco Fuck thyth
2009/06/15 22:37.59 Arc rider421: It is nothing.~wvoice/Derm3/vqk.anytime.wav
2009/06/15 22:38.00 Crappage: Tycho sucks
2009/06/15 22:38.19 Arc rider421: Tycho kill Thyth
2009/06/15 22:38.58 Arc rider421: Tycho FUXX thyth
2009/06/15 22:39.07 Dannis: gggg
2009/06/15 22:39.09 Arc rider421: ah ha Tycho fails
2009/06/15 22:39.09 Dannis: gggg
2009/06/15 22:39.18 Crappage: Phuxx
2009/06/15 22:39.21 Arc rider421: lol
2009/06/15 22:39.28 Dannis: Tycho fails
2009/06/15 22:39.32 Arc rider421: Lol
2009/06/15 22:39.57 Arc rider421: Nao and thyth should get a Roomm together
2009/06/15 22:40.03 Crappage: Yes.~wvoice/Male5/gbl.yes.wav
2009/06/15 22:40.06 Arc rider421: Dance Baby Dance!~wfx/bonuses/gadget3.wav
2009/06/15 22:40.08 Crappage: Gettin Jiggy Wit It!~wfx/bonuses/gadget3.wav
2009/06/15 22:40.24 Arc rider421: what time is it?
2009/06/15 22:41.53 Arc rider421: Tycho Fuck arrogant thyth that thinks he's better then everyone else

Out of the blue:
2009/06/16 20:58.09 Titanium blade54: Hi!~wvoice/Male1/gbl.hi.wav
2009/06/16 20:59.11 Thyth: Wireframe is going to be easy..
2009/06/16 20:59.21 Titanium blade54: Hello!~wvoice/Male2/gbl.hi.wav
2009/06/16 20:59.31 Thyth: Solid shading will require a Z buffer.
2009/06/16 20:59.45 Thyth: And texturing will be annoying.
2009/06/16 21:00.02 Titanium blade54: Llama!~wfx/Bonuses/Nouns/llama.wav
2009/06/16 21:00.24 Thyth: Glass doors.
2009/06/16 21:00.27 [ShadowForce]: Yes.~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.yes.wav
2009/06/16 21:00.29 Titanium blade54: thyth is a fagot
2009/06/16 21:00.35 [ShadowForce]: who is he?
2009/06/16 21:00.40 Thyth: Arc rider, probably.
2009/06/16 21:00.48 [ShadowForce]: lol?
2009/06/16 21:00.50 Titanium blade54: Who?
2009/06/16 21:01.50 Thyth: I'll have Nao check with IP logs.
2009/06/16 21:01.59 [ShadowForce]: good diea
2009/06/16 21:02.01 Thyth: Or wait... I can.
2009/06/16 21:02.02 [ShadowForce]: idea*
2009/06/16 21:02.10 [ShadowForce]: DX
2009/06/16 21:02.14 [ShadowForce]: go open the new lock
2009/06/16 21:02.16 [ShadowForce]: Hey!~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.hi.wav
2009/06/16 21:02.32 [ShadowForce]: I w
2009/06/16 21:02.35 RonanZero: i am really ret
2009/06/16 21:02.39 [ShadowForce]: ARG
2009/06/16 21:02.41 [ShadowForce]: Spinngin
2009/06/16 21:02.46 [ShadowForce]: HELP!~wvoice/Derm3/vqk.help.wav
2009/06/16 21:03.03 Thyth: That account was created from IP
2009/06/16 21:03.09 [ShadowForce]: Was that one of those Lg_DoRandomThingsIfPhantom() things?
2009/06/16 21:03.20 [ShadowForce]: lol
2009/06/16 21:03.30 Titanium blade54: ip address's can be Renewed
2009/06/16 21:03.33 [ShadowForce]: crap... forgot the combo
2009/06/16 21:04.01 [ShadowForce]: Oh lol
2009/06/16 21:04.33 [ShadowForce]: there
2009/06/16 21:04.34 Thyth: Yeah, presumably they can be.
2009/06/16 21:04.41 Thyth: Why don't you go ahead and do that?
2009/06/16 21:05.24 Titanium blade54: Windows can change you're Ip address
2009/06/16 21:05.35 Titanium blade54: Iprenew
2009/06/16 21:05.36 Thyth: Yeah... and I don't care.
2009/06/16 21:05.39 [ShadowForce]: tlol
2009/06/16 21:05.52 [ShadowForce]: :P
2009/06/16 21:06.09 Titanium blade54: Yes.~wvoice/Male2/gbl.yes.wav
2009/06/16 21:06.10 Titanium blade54: HELP!~wvoice/Male2/vqk.help.wav
2009/06/16 21:06.12 [ShadowForce]: tnah
2009/06/16 21:06.15 [ShadowForce]: i'll pass
2009/06/16 21:06.28 [ShadowForce]: try this: Ctrl + K
2009/06/16 21:06.39 Thyth: But, here's an idea...
2009/06/16 21:06.50 [ShadowForce]: iprenew doesnt do crap
2009/06/16 21:07.00 [ShadowForce]: only resets your Local IP
2009/06/16 21:07.00 Thyth: You can't so easily change to an IP address that isn't outside of australia for generating accounts, Arc.
2009/06/16 21:07.23 Titanium blade54: Who's this arc?
2009/06/16 21:07.27 Thyth: You.
2009/06/16 21:07.30 Titanium blade54: No.~wvoice/Male2/gbl.no.wav
2009/06/16 21:07.35 Titanium blade54: No.~wvoice/Male2/gbl.no.wav
2009/06/16 21:07.35 Thyth: Same ISP.
2009/06/16 21:07.45 Thyth: You are C-61-68-5-10.hay.connect.net.au
2009/06/16 21:07.53 Thyth: "Arc" is C-61-68-33-196.hay.connect.net.au
2009/06/16 21:07.59 Thyth: Same class B subnet.
2009/06/16 21:08.06 [ShadowForce]: umm
2009/06/16 21:08.11 Titanium blade54: what ever its me
2009/06/16 21:08.19 Thyth: Yeah, I had no fricking idea.
2009/06/16 21:08.23 [ShadowForce]: 5 - 33 and 10 -196
2009/06/16 21:08.36 Titanium blade54: Thyth and you a sad person
2009/06/16 21:08.48 Thyth: I'm a sad person?
2009/06/16 21:08.55 Titanium blade54: And a asshole
2009/06/16 21:08.56 Thyth: I'm not the one that comes into a server and tries to start crap with other people.
2009/06/16 21:09.04 Thyth: One more word, I dare you.
2009/06/16 21:09.19 Titanium blade54: can't take insults
2009/06/16 21:09.28 [ShadowForce]: rofl
2009/06/16 21:09.30 Thyth: Now, listen here...
(editorial note: a command was issued to freeze TB54's controls here)
2009/06/16 21:09.35 Titanium blade54: you just Srug them off
2009/06/16 21:09.37 Thyth: It's obvious you're bullied at school.
2009/06/16 21:09.46 Thyth: And you have a craptacular life.
2009/06/16 21:09.51 Thyth: I, personally, don't care.
2009/06/16 21:10.05 Thyth: If you had a life, you'd be talking to friends or someone who did.
2009/06/16 21:10.20 Thyth: Not sulking around on servers, trying to demean someone on the other side of the planet.
2009/06/16 21:10.30 Thyth: Especially since I've been nice to you, most of the time.
2009/06/16 21:10.40 Thyth: I even helped you out in finding programming resources.
2009/06/16 21:10.45 Thyth: But now? I don't care.
2009/06/16 21:10.59 Thyth: I'll ban you on sight, and if you return...
2009/06/16 21:11.06 Thyth: I will ban your entire class B subnet.
2009/06/16 21:11.10 Thyth: Goodbye.

Yet another rampage.
2009/06/30 19:23.35 Zephyr Zen: Tell me does everyone here seem to have a Problem with me and why?????????????
2009/06/30 19:24.12 Zephyr Zen: can you please do tell me what all you're problem is with me?
2009/06/30 19:24.20 Firesho: I dont got a problem
2009/06/30 19:24.38 Zephyr Zen: Thyth normaly does with me
2009/06/30 19:25.09 Zephyr Zen: last time a checked he Treatened to Ban my Class B Subnet
2009/06/30 19:25.23 Thyth: Last time I checked, you came into a server and started insulting me off the bat.
2009/06/30 19:25.54 Zephyr Zen: Thyth i have had a problem since you called me Idiot?
2009/06/30 19:26.21 Thyth: Yeah, well, it's not the best idea to go insulting people the moment you join a server.
2009/06/30 19:27.26 Zephyr Zen: Obivously you seem to have had a Mother and father that were encouraging>
2009/06/30 19:27.34 Zephyr Zen: Yes thyth?
2009/06/30 19:27.46 Thyth: Yes, I've had very encouraging, yet demanding parents.
2009/06/30 19:29.27 Zephyr Zen: What did i do? you all seem to have a Problem with me WHAT DID I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009/06/30 19:29.40 Thyth: Zephyr, you want to know what my problem is with you?
2009/06/30 19:29.50 phoenix2008: we know who you are zephyr. lol
2009/06/30 19:29.57 Zephyr Zen: what? thyth?
2009/06/30 19:30.22 Firesho: I dont got a problem with Zepyr
2009/06/30 19:30.26 Thyth: 1) You pretend to know more than you do. 2) You're a hypocrite when you insult people. 3) You're way too easily upset.
2009/06/30 19:30.58 Zephyr Zen: Thyth and you're a hard Uncare ing person that just gets sex nothing more
2009/06/30 19:31.12 Naosyth: o_0
2009/06/30 19:31.14 Thyth: That last insult falls under #1.
2009/06/30 19:31.29 Thyth: You don't know anything about me.
2009/06/30 19:31.39 Thyth: So, don't be arrogant enough to presume that you do.
2009/06/30 19:31.50 Zephyr Zen: You insult me all the time you demand Respect give it to get it?
2009/06/30 19:32.07 Zephyr Zen: You think you're godly yes?
2009/06/30 19:32.19 Thyth: Depends on the definition of "godly".
2009/06/30 19:32.22 Zephyr Zen: You're arrogant
2009/06/30 19:32.28 Thyth: If it means diestic, then no.
2009/06/30 19:32.34 Krash=pirate: Cleanliness is next to godliness
2009/06/30 19:32.35 Zephyr Zen: Do think you can judge me out knwoing me
2009/06/30 19:32.39 phoenix2008: lol krash
2009/06/30 19:32.40 Firesho: umm Zepyr
2009/06/30 19:32.45 Thyth: I don't judge you.
2009/06/30 19:32.50 Zephyr Zen: BS
2009/06/30 19:33.02 Thyth: I'm just telling you why people are prone to disliking you.
2009/06/30 19:33.14 Thyth: So... how many times a week do you get beaten up at school?
2009/06/30 19:33.25 AzureGlare: o.O
2009/06/30 19:33.28 Zephyr Zen: And guess what i work for my mother i help her what else do you expect me to do?
2009/06/30 19:33.53 Thyth: I expect you to stop BSing about things you don't know.
2009/06/30 19:34.26 Zephyr Zen: Can thyth do anything with his hands?
2009/06/30 19:34.30 Thyth: Of course I can.
2009/06/30 19:34.33 Zephyr Zen: WHAT>
2009/06/30 19:34.39 Thyth: I can crush your skull for one.
2009/06/30 19:34.57 phoenix2008: thyth earns his respect
2009/06/30 19:34.59 Firesho: oh enough
2009/06/30 19:35.01 Thyth: It doesn't take that much force, actually.
2009/06/30 19:35.03 Firesho: enough people
2009/06/30 19:35.08 phoenix2008: so respect him. or please just drop it.
2009/06/30 19:35.13 Firesho: whats with you people nowadays :\
2009/06/30 19:35.22 Zephyr Zen: Thyth you're completely Psycotic? i swear
2009/06/30 19:35.35 [Fugu] Naosyth: This is pathetic
2009/06/30 19:35.40 Thyth: That also falls under reason #1.
2009/06/30 19:35.53 Thyth: Go look up the definition to psychotic in the DSM4.
2009/06/30 19:36.20 Zephyr Zen: Thyth you are a Narassitc person that thinks nothing but him self yes?
2009/06/30 19:36.37 Thyth: I'm not narcissistic.
2009/06/30 19:36.41 Thyth: And, you should spell it right.
2009/06/30 19:36.45 Zephyr Zen: You Locked my controls in naos server
2009/06/30 19:37.04 Naosyth: yeah.. that was funny
2009/06/30 19:37.08 Zephyr Zen: And you projected what you felt about you're slef?
2009/06/30 19:37.19 Thyth: See... you're the one projecting.
2009/06/30 19:37.24 Zephyr Zen: No.~wvoice/Male2/gbl.no.wav
2009/06/30 19:37.27 Thyth: You're the one assuming things about people.
2009/06/30 19:37.36 Zephyr Zen: so do you thyth!
2009/06/30 19:37.41 phoenix2008: just want to point out. that most people like thyth. arc doesn't...because nobody really likes him i think. interesting
2009/06/30 19:38.10 Thyth: Well, I have something called clinical experience in the diagnosis of psychological disorders. You don't.
2009/06/30 19:38.23 Thyth: My conclusions are supported by evidence.
2009/06/30 19:38.29 Thyth: Yours are pulled out of your ass.
2009/06/30 19:38.45 Zephyr Zen: Thyth you are Such a jerk
2009/06/30 19:38.56 Thyth: And that is such a non sequitur.
2009/06/30 19:39.17 Zephyr Zen: And you can tell me i quit tribes 2 For ever
2009/06/30 19:39.23 Zephyr Zen: mentUlmhat
2009/06/30 19:39.26 Zephyr Zen: Good bye.~wvoice/Male2/gbl.bye.wav

Apologetic, and irritating.
Originally Posted by Chatlog 7/4/2009 (stripped of all extraneous text; over a period of 10 minutes)
From Zephyr Zen: You do understand I'am sorry for my actions the other day right?
From Zephyr Zen: and if you wan't to keep Mosquitos away from you use Teatree oil
To Zephyr Zen: Do you understand that I don't care how sorry you are? You cycle back and forth between being an absolute ass
To Zephyr Zen: and begging for forgiveness.
From Zephyr Zen: I'am not bedding.......
From Zephyr Zen: begging*
To Zephyr Zen: Evidence thus far suggests that if I 'forgive' you, you'll be back to being an ass in a couple of days.
From Zephyr Zen: you think that do you?
To Zephyr Zen: So, screw it. You've pissed me off. Don't expect me to change just because you asked really nicely.
From Zephyr Zen: i saw you broke into my computer Why?
To Zephyr Zen: I broke into your computer? Really? Why would I waste my time?
From Zephyr Zen: hmmmm
From Zephyr Zen: understand that i'am a Ass because well lets say you remind me of a person and that person is being my father
From Zephyr Zen: just more intelligent
From Zephyr Zen: not trying to insult you......
To Zephyr Zen: Really? Not trying to insult me eh?
From Zephyr Zen: i'am not
To Zephyr Zen: But you did try to.
From Zephyr Zen: if you were someone i knew i would do something to Repent for it seeing as you're on the other side of the world
From Zephyr Zen: i can't
To Zephyr Zen: Exactly, so I don't see why you're bothering to try.
To Zephyr Zen: You've burned the bridge to me.
From Zephyr Zen: what? Do you expect me to do?
From Zephyr Zen: i said i'am sorry
To Zephyr Zen: Forget about rebuilding it. You're not worth even spending the time on it.
From Zephyr Zen: Why?
To Zephyr Zen: Go be friends with Phantom or some other noob who actually has the time to waste.
From Zephyr Zen: now you're insulting me.......
To Zephyr Zen: It's a statement of fact.
From Zephyr Zen: I'am not a Horrible person
From Zephyr Zen: just misunderstood
To Zephyr Zen: Yeah... whatever.
From Zephyr Zen: you were a ass to me Now if you would like to know i have tons of stress my father walked out on us he's got a GF
From Zephyr Zen: that makes Abussive phonecalls
From Zephyr Zen: he my father has nothing to do with me
From Zephyr Zen: okay i'am sorry
From Zephyr Zen: Do you know mentulmhat?
To Zephyr Zen: And I'll repeat it for the last time: I do NOT care. Your life problems are your own.
From Zephyr Zen: okay
From Zephyr Zen: that was just nastyu
From Zephyr Zen: that was just nasty*
From Zephyr Zen: i didn't wan't to burn my Bridges with you..........but saying that you're problems are you're own is nasty and
From Zephyr Zen: crule
Thyth: OMG, Zephyr... either get a therapist, talk to a friend, or set up a LiveJournal. I don't want to hear it.

6 - 07-17-2009, 11:33 AM quote
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That last log reminds me of myself talking to various idiots in EVE. I lol'd pretty hard at that.

Originally Posted by Thyth
Thyth: I can crush your skull for one.
Zephyr Zen: Thyth you're completely Psycotic. i swear

lol... That's going on my sig.

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7 - 07-17-2009, 11:48 AM quote
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I don't get it..

Why did arc rider wanted to work as a firewall programmer for the army?

Have you guys ever noticed how internet is the pot in which all psychological disorders boil to the point of ferality?

Come to the city instead!, you'll see animals the size of dogs and cats the size of dogs!

Learn how The Construct is actually Freemasonry!

Last edited by Deflun : 07-17-2009 at 11:52 AM.
8 - 07-17-2009, 12:02 PM quote
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Originally Posted by Deflun
Have you guys ever noticed how internet is the pot in which all psychological disorders boil to the point of ferality?

Do you see them? DO YOU HEAR THE CROWDS?!!? O_O
9 - 07-17-2009, 03:04 PM quote
Hybrid Volt
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Here, I'll post my own log of "rudeness" (of course, following Thyth's example, removing anything extraneous):

2009/06/23 18:57.41 Zephyr Zen: Do something constructive
2009/06/23 18:57.46 Mezalyth: I'm building a ship.
2009/06/23 18:57.48 Zephyr Zen: Not building in a Stupid game
2009/06/23 18:57.54 Mezalyth: You said constructive.
2009/06/23 18:58.08 Zephyr Zen: exercise.
2009/06/23 18:58.16 Zephyr Zen: yiu lazy ass american
2009/06/23 18:58.19 Mezalyth:
2009/06/23 18:58.26 Mezalyth: How about you actually learn about me.
2009/06/23 18:58.36 Mezalyth: Instead of assuming we all suffer the same BMI because of a sedentary lifestyle.
2009/06/23 18:59.02 Zephyr Zen: I don't like you're country or you're people
2009/06/23 18:59.04 Mezalyth: Do you notice how I'm NOT making fun of your country?
2009/06/23 18:59.14 Mezalyth: and How I'm only insulting YOU and not your country?
2009/06/23 18:59.21 Mezalyth: I honestly couldn't care where you came from.
2009/06/23 18:59.27 Zephyr Zen: it just shrug it off
2009/06/23 18:59.34 Mezalyth: as do we you idiot
2009/06/23 18:59.44 Mezalyth: you think we care?
2009/06/23 18:59.48 Mezalyth: You call us arrogant.
2009/06/23 18:59.59 Mezalyth: Technically we wouldn't care about your struggles, were it true.
2009/06/23 19:00.22 Zephyr Zen: Then you should putm you're self in someone else's shoes
2009/06/23 19:00.29 Mezalyth: You should put yourself in mine.
2009/06/23 19:00.40 Zephyr Zen: and feel how they are you Selfish person
2009/06/23 19:00.40 Mezalyth: I have a twit coming online to insult my nationality when he knows nothing of me.
2009/06/23 19:00.53 Mezalyth: You arrogant freedom fighter.
2009/06/23 19:01.30 Zephyr Zen: You know feel like hurting you right now......
2009/06/23 19:01.36 Mezalyth: I feel like kicking you.
2009/06/23 19:01.38 Mezalyth: But.
2009/06/23 19:01.41 Mezalyth: I'm allowing you to say your piece.
2009/06/23 19:01.46 Mezalyth: Which really is nothing.
2009/06/23 19:01.52 Mezalyth: You wish to hurt me?
2009/06/23 19:01.56 Zephyr Zen: Yes.~wvoice/Male2/gbl.yes.wav
2009/06/23 19:02.04 Mezalyth: Already have; you insult me because of what others do.
2009/06/23 19:02.09 Mezalyth: Not what I have done.
2009/06/23 19:02.10 Zephyr Zen: i should go out and destroy someones life.
2009/06/23 19:02.17 Mezalyth: wow
2009/06/23 19:02.30 Mezalyth: You call me arrogant, say that I TAKE TAKE TAKE and you want to destroy someone's life.
2009/06/23 19:02.36 Mezalyth: You are a horrible person, Arc.
2009/06/23 19:02.44 Zephyr Zen: I'am i?
2009/06/23 19:02.47 Mezalyth: Yeah.
2009/06/23 19:02.55 Mezalyth: You want to take your anger out on someone else.
2009/06/23 19:02.58 Zephyr Zen: I clean i work for my mother

10 - 07-17-2009, 03:25 PM quote
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This place is practically a freeforall.
No-one gives a damn.

Screw the law!

I'm sorry, was I being rude?
11 - 07-17-2009, 04:00 PM quote
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Here's a log of Arc getting all mad at people.. then trying to apologize again:

2009/04/20 18:17.36 Arc rider421: SCnow you are a Fagox
2009/04/20 18:17.43 DeadWrong: arc shutup
2009/04/20 18:18.00 SnowFire789: Look arc, you're doing nothing but causing trouble.
2009/04/20 18:18.09 SnowFire789: Just quit it.
2009/04/20 18:18.12 Arc rider421: do you think i care anymore
2009/04/20 18:18.27 SnowFire789: In that case, have some common courtisy and leave the rest of in peace.
2009/04/20 18:18.30 Arc rider421: but fine i will go over here and build my own crap
2009/04/20 18:18.31 SnowFire789: There's plenty of bots you can go annoy.
2009/04/20 18:18.31 {NOS}Naosyth: maybe not now, you will later though
2009/04/20 18:19.04 Arc rider421: bots i dont get the same satifaction
2009/04/20 18:19.08 SnowFire789: Cheat, unless you have constructive critism, stfu.
2009/04/20 18:19.20 SnowFire789: critisism.
2009/04/20 18:19.46 Arc rider421: i'm just sick of people being rude to me its ether rude this or rude that well i'vf had enough so i become twice as nast
2009/04/20 18:19.50 Arc rider421: unasty
2009/04/20 18:19.56 CeleronXL: Go cry, emo kid.
2009/04/20 18:19.58 DeadWrong: k
2009/04/20 18:19.59 SnowFire789: Arc
2009/04/20 18:20.03 {NOS}Naosyth: you came in here acting like an ass
2009/04/20 18:20.03 SnowFire789: Just because others are mean to you
2009/04/20 18:20.05 Arc rider421: Go cry?
2009/04/20 18:20.10 SnowFire789: Doesn't mean you're a jerk back.
2009/04/20 18:20.18 {NOS}Naosyth: If you act like an ass to people, they will do the same to you.
2009/04/20 18:20.19 SnowFire789: You can grow some balls, and be mature about it.
2009/04/20 18:20.23 Arc rider421: nah i wuld enjoy belting hte sh** ou of someone more
2009/04/20 18:20.25 {NOS}Naosyth: Treat others how you want to be treated
2009/04/20 18:20.36 SnowFire789: IN that case, we'll just remove you.
2009/04/20 18:20.42 SnowFire789: We're not interesting in it arc.
2009/04/20 18:21.03 Arc rider421: Americans are really un felling assh***s
2009/04/20 18:21.09 SnowFire789: WE feel.
2009/04/20 18:21.13 Arc rider421: bah
2009/04/20 18:21.17 CeleronXL: I'm not American.
2009/04/20 18:21.17 {NOS}Naosyth: Humans are humans
2009/04/20 18:21.19 CeleronXL: Idiot.
2009/04/20 18:21.20 SnowFire789: But, if you're gonna be an ass.
2009/04/20 18:21.24 SnowFire789: We're gonna be an ass back to you.
2009/04/20 18:21.26 SnowFire789: s'how it works.
2009/04/20 18:21.28 SnowFire789: Deal.
2009/04/20 18:21.36 {NOS}Naosyth: Would you like it if i assumed all people of your nationality were jerks?
2009/04/20 18:21.37 SnowFire789: Be nice, and most of us will be nice back.
2009/04/20 18:21.46 Arc rider421: ok but Give celeron your dog on lesh
2009/04/20 18:21.52 Arc rider421: keep*
2009/04/20 18:21.52 {NOS}Naosyth: what?
2009/04/20 18:21.54 SnowFire789: You're still being an ass.
2009/04/20 18:22.00 SnowFire789: Stfu, or be nice...
2009/04/20 18:22.06 DeadWrong: arc where r u from?
2009/04/20 18:22.07 SnowFire789: And maybe he won't bug.
2009/04/20 18:22.09 {NOS}Naosyth: Arc, stop acting like a fool
2009/04/20 18:22.10 SnowFire789: but you.*
2009/04/20 18:22.12 SnowFire789: bug*
2009/04/20 18:22.39 Arc rider421: you dont need to know were i'm from
2009/04/20 18:22.50 Arc rider421: Woop woop for all i care
2009/04/20 18:24.05 Arc rider421: eah i'm become he thing i hate most sorry guys
2009/04/20 18:24.10 {NOS}Naosyth: Australia?
2009/04/20 18:24.13 Arc rider421: Yes.~wvoice/Derm3/gbl.yes.wav

And a few random quotes I found...

2009/04/21 21:39.13 Arc rider421: I HATE ALL OF HUMANITY!@
2009/04/21 21:39.28 Arc rider421: IT CAN DIE AND BURN FOR ALL I CARE!

2009/06/30 17:53.12 Zephyr Zen: i have a life and a loving mother and i have i can cook to>>>>>>>>

12 - 07-17-2009, 04:05 PM quote
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wow, you get quite a few brain jobs in T2.
13 - 07-17-2009, 05:25 PM quote
Aeon Masonry
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This one's going in my sig:

2009/06/15 22:22.09 Thyth: Arc needs a life.
2009/06/15 22:22.14 Thyth: Which doesn't suck.
14 - 07-17-2009, 06:18 PM quote
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Originally Posted by {dggs}Demoncard
This place is practically a freeforall.
No-one gives a damn.

Screw the law!

I'm sorry, was I being rude?

Not until you either break something or insult someone, otherwise it doesn't applies.

Come to the city instead!, you'll see animals the size of dogs and cats the size of dogs!

Learn how The Construct is actually Freemasonry!
15 - 07-17-2009, 08:56 PM quote
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Originally Posted by Thyth
Arc rider421: i'am not sure Nao google it for me please?


Originally Posted by Thalagyrt
people suck
Originally Posted by Deflun (to SnowFire789)
Hey look its Captain Irunatzombiesandlivewhileyoualldie

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