Vazolyth's status update

Well, I was on MSN a few minutes ago, and saw that Steve logged on.
Here's what he had to say.

7/13/2009 12:06:28 AM [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Steve *red+u dude where have u been
7/13/2009 12:06:35 AM [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Steve *red+u everyones crappin bricks that you disappeared
7/13/2009 12:06:53 AM Steve *red+u [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] This is Zill
7/13/2009 12:06:55 AM [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Steve *red+u oh
7/13/2009 12:06:57 AM Steve *red+u [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Steve's dead.
7/13/2009 12:07:00 AM [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Steve *red+u He is?
7/13/2009 12:07:05 AM Steve *red+u [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Nah lol
7/13/2009 12:07:08 AM [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Steve *red+u o.o
7/13/2009 12:07:09 AM Steve *red+u [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] He told everyone he is.,
7/13/2009 12:07:47 AM [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Steve *red+u where has he been though?
7/13/2009 12:08:01 AM Steve *red+u [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] He's in jail right now from being AWOL from the army.
7/13/2009 12:08:06 AM [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Steve *red+u O_O
7/13/2009 12:08:12 AM [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Steve *red+u wow
7/13/2009 12:08:15 AM [c=12]Kruegerx3[/c] Steve *red+u damn


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