Fallout 3 - Some Question's

TerkoiZTerkoiZ Time Consuming!...Edible?
Just some where for fallout fan/players can just contribute to each other's benefit in the game, or about it.

The problem when my dog (named "Dog Meat") and I were travelling.

Anyway's i have this strange happening that really has left me dumbfounded.
So i'm just minding my own buisness in the wastlands, so nothing much. Then i see a super mutant rampaging down the hill towards me, and dog meat (as you would expect) run's full speed to attack the attacker.

Moment's later dogmeat and I defeated that super mutant, and treat our wounds.
After i ask dog meat to stay put while i go off to fight a group of raiders and super mutant's. Once i come back to the exact location that i left him, dog meat was no where to be found. (And i am damn sure that it was the same place)

The thing is i've been continuing the game for a while now but the 'Dog meat has died' message hasn't appeared. I've also checked Vault 101 incase by some random glitch that he teleported there, but dog meat isn't there.

I'm some what doubtfull that anyone could help me get dog meat back or even help me to understand what has happened.
Well guess if i can't find him he's probably findings weapon's and chem's out ther for what ever reason.

Much appreaciated - Ramukai Hazaki (Aka (=TerkoiZ=) with a name change, and yeah i forgot the password :D )


  • Fast_FireFast_Fire Killercowzz
    I live on Mars
  • XwwNeow400XwwNeow400 Construction nut
    ah.. fallout 3 looks like a good game. I lol'd when I heard the 50's music while all this gore happens. :P
  • rysterfrysterf Senior Member
    This game was not as impressive as their other game, Oblivion.
  • TerkoiZTerkoiZ Time Consuming!...Edible?
    I asked for help lol?

    Well if anyone out there play's would like to know.
  • Yeah, I love Fallout 3, I have it for my Xbox 360, you can add me... NirvanaOnCrack :) K. But I dunno what you're talking about. lol.
  • TerkoiZTerkoiZ Time Consuming!...Edible?
    Lol sadly i have a PS3 so sorry can't exactly add you, and yeah i didn't really expect anyone to know what the hell had happened.
  • CornucopiaCornucopia That One Guy
    That was a great game, took me about four weeks to finally beat it, and like a half a week to find the S.P.E.C.I.A.L bobbleheads.
  • Yes, i voted Tennpenny but they were all a bit stupid, so i just killed them.
  • ArklonArklon Member
    rysterf wrote:
    This game was not as impressive as their other game, Oblivion.
    Oblivious sucked. Fallout 3's a bit better. They've made RPGs in the past that are much better than both. At least they finally released Daggerfall for free.
  • XwwNeow400XwwNeow400 Construction nut
    Whata bout the left 4 dead? iz it good? :D
  • CornucopiaCornucopia That One Guy
    XwwNeow400 wrote:
    Whata bout the left 4 dead? iz it good? :D

    Hell yes it is, I heard about the second one coming out, oh man oh man.
    It is best to play the first before they make the second.
  • EehkEehk Not Eolk
    WOW is it really that hard to stay on topic? The man tells a story and asks a simple question but I get the impression no one even read what he wrote and decided that whatever happened to be floating through their little head at the moment was more important than anything the original poster said. You're all pushing it...

    TerkoiZ: I have no idea what happened to your dog, but that is quite an amusing story. I like to think that your dog is wandering around the wasteland somewhere playing with other dogs and eating dog food. However, Fallout 3 and Bethesda games in general seem to have quite a few bugs, a few of which I've experienced myself and wouldn't be surprised if your dog just... disappeared for good.
  • ZaxxmanZaxxman Clueless Noob
    Maybe its part of the storyline? 0_0
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