Tribes 2 doesn't launch - Out of date error

Problem: Tribes 2 won't launch when I click on the shortcut!
Error Message: Your version (0.25034.0.0) of Tribes 2 is out of date, but there are no updates to update tribes 2 to the latest version.

Why: The SierraUpdate launcher does not work correctly, and has not for quite a long time. If you have downloaded your copy or purchased a re-release copy, you have the latest version (25034) and do not require an update.

Use a shortcut provided by an installed mod such as Construction (Shortcuts are found in "Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\Construction") or use the shortcuts for Classic that should be found in your Start menu.

Note: Either of said shortcuts will play base Tribes 2 or other mods fine, you do not need to switch clients to play different mods.

If you are planning on running a server the shortcut directing the game to use a specific mod is required.

  1. Go into your 'Dynamix\Tribes2\Gamedata' directory. This is located in C:\ by default, but you may have changed the location when installing.
  2. Locate "Tribes2.exe" and right-click on it to find "Create a Shortcut"
  3. After the shortcut is created, right-click on it and go to "Properties"
  4. In the "Target:" section of the properties find the end of Tribes2.exe and add " -online -nonpure" (without the quotes) to the end. This should now look like:
    "C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\Tribes2.exe" -online -nonpure
  5. Move the shortcut to wherever it is needed.


Additional command line functions:

-mission mapname


For running a modded dedicated server - This will force the game to not run in PURE mode, which runs only the scripts and missions used for BASE Tribes 2.

This will launch the game in offline mode, allowing you to play on LAN games or the single player tutorials.

-login name
This should connect you using the name you insert, but requires you to have saved your password by launching and logging in previously.

-connect ipaddress:port
Connects you to the specified server address on launch.

-mod modname
Load a mod other than base on startup. This reads a folder name in you GameData folder and loads the mod within that. "-mod Construction" would load Construction mod.

Launches a dedicated server (will look like a dos box with a lot of text rolling down it), if you plan to run a server for a good long time without having to be in the game, this is what you'll want.

The game will not load audio.

The game will be forced to run in fullscreen.

The game will be forced to run in a window.
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