Please help me

Can some one please help me.
I hosted a metallic construction for me and my friends to play at a lan party :) but for some reason i cant build in the air. When ever i place a LSB on the ground and then place one on the side of that LSB and then remove the one i put on the ground they both are destroid. I tryed to look in the scipt but im not a programmer so i realy dont know where to look to fix it.
It would be great if some one would help me.
Thanks in advance
Greetings Yuzuyu


  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Press escape and look in the top-right menu for "disable cascade mode". There are a few other settings there you will want to change as well.
  • Fast_FireFast_Fire Killercowzz
    I'd like to suggest enabling invincible deployables while you're at it.
  • Thanks a lot :D it worked ^_^ i guess i skiped that one when i was playing with the settings of the game :)
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