Goonhaven Factions Outline

I have created a Faction Registration Board in the main keep of Montis Domus (City), in the Faction Council Room wing. Each faction that wishes to register to the board will be a recognized member of a 6 faction council that convenes with the King of Vaalbara (World) to discuss faction matters and concerns, trade deals, etc.

Even if factions are at war with each other, the council will be a neutral platform to raise concerns and address issues diplomatically.

It is beneficial for your faction to be on the 6 man council. Being on the council gives you the ability to influence world changes, events and keep in the know on the changes to the political landscape.

Any factions beyond the 6 are not to be considered recognized by the Kingdom of Vaalbara and will not be permitted to hold a seat on the Royal Council. So it is beneficial to join a faction on the council, or create one if a spot is still open. If you still create another past the 6, you can still operate, but not as influential as one of the 6. (Alliances with the 6 come into the political game here too :))

The council is not a governing body over the other Factions, it is just simply a platform to talk to all the other factions leaders face to face. the King or the city of Montis Domus will not govern any individual faction, and it is up to those factions to establish their government.

Factions Responsibilities:

If a faction does not wish to participate on the council, and holds a seat, they will be removed by the King if he deems fit, opening the seat for another faction to take if they so wish.

Faction Lords are required to come if online, but can send an officer of their faction in their stead if online, or designated representative. If no one is on to represent that faction, a forum post containing the meeting notes will be posted on the forums here. These meetings will happen every so often, and not be a required event (so no need to be sure to be home to get on in time kinda thing). You just have to be participating in some way (either in-game or on the forum) to the council meetings/notes.

Any further questions, post them here. Thanks.
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