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I am receiving suggestions and or ideas here.
PLEASE post ideas/suggestions only!

File Info:
-SuperDoePack.vl2: This was my pack I made for Super Doe but failed because it messed with your aiming.
-DDDX Tools.zip: Some simple image editing programs I made in Dark Basic.
-TorqueIDE.vl2: An in-game IDE I made for Tribes 2 when my graphics card was on the fritz. Thanks to Eolk for helping me fix an error in loading files.
-DXSkin.vl2: This contains my personal skin made by Sting-Wraith for Tribes 2. It can also be found at Rawr32.net.
-DXVoicePack.vl2: My old voicepack I made. It contains some sounds I made from Tribes 2 default sounds and a few windows sounds.
-DDDXMod.zip: My old mod that I discontinued for several reasons that I'd rather not release. This is what got me most of the practice I needed to get to where I am now. Thanks to Naosyth for helping me start coding. :)
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