2 MPB obstacle ramps [with downloads] and mini statues.

When I finally got my new server working, I was able to open up old Construction buildings I had made from as far as four years ago.

The first screenshots are two MPB obstacle ramps I made with simple LSB adjustments. They are shorter than more complicated obstacle courses I've seen, but still fun and somewhat challenging. And there's two, so have fun with them. I've provided some screenshots to give an overview of some of the main sections of each ramp.

DOWNLOAD [made for Flatland]: http://bierwiser.uberlisted.net/Tribes.2/ObstacleMPB.cs

The next set of screenshots are just a bunch of basic statues scattered around the main area of Flatland, made half the size of my usual statue creations. As you can see, they are just doing a bunch of simple things.

If you wanna take a look at my full 110 screenshots, click the link below me. Most of them are from Construction fun in the old days. For some examples, you'll see a screenshot of when someone blocked a firing cannon which is supposed to launch multiple nukes, three giant players flying in a transport vehicle, some MPM attacks, and more.


This also includes all of my statue creations. They are listed in different categories. For example, StatueV1 files are from when I was a beginner at my new idea, and StatueV2 files are when I got better. There's only a couple other categories included.
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