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Server status, etc.

My server, hosting good ol' ACCM, up most of the time, not 24/7 though.
(this link may not work, my IP changes sometimes)

BASIC RULES: Keep language to a minimum. No deployable spam. Don't be an idiot.


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    News, information, more rules.

    Games: (Please note these ARE a work in progress.)
    (stolen from Snow, cleaned up)
    Builder Survival-

    This is a fairly simple game. One or more players are selected as the builder, and are given the name tag [Builder]. The Builders' ONLY duty is to build a base for their comrades. What kind of base, does not matter. The rest of the of players must protect the builder(s), for with their death comes the reset of the map.

    -Only the builder can build. No one else.
    -The builder can only build, cannot fight.
    -If there is more than one builder, both most die before the map resets.
    -If a builder dies and there is a remaining builder, the dead builder becomes a soldier.
    -The method of death does not matter for the builder. Be it by grenade, zombie, friendly fire, gravity, runaway vehicle. The builder dies, the map is reset.
    -The builder is only officially dead when his/her body is non-revivable. So if he/she is revived, then the game continues as if he/she never died.

    VIP (Very Important Personnel)

    This is a slightly more complicated game, where a single player in Spec-Ops armor, wielding only an SMG for a weapon must go from point A to point B without dying. The rest of the players must escort him/her.

    -Zombies must be present from point A to point B. No starting them half way through.
    -As in Builder's survival, more than VIP can be present. If they all die, the map resets. If one VIP dies but there's a remaining VIP, the dead one can become a soldier.
    -Method of death again, does not matter.
    -If VIP is revived, the game continues.
    -Vehicles are allowed for the soldiers, but not for the VIP.
    -Vehicles cannot be used to push, float, or otherwise assist the VIP in movement.
    -If the game is a PvP, the attacking team may not use Snipers, Krieg Rifles, or Bazookas.
    -Bonus for attacking team if they can "capture" the VIP. VIP that suicides while being captured counts as an autocapture for oppostie team.
    -Bonus in the form of ONE EXTRA ITEM for their round. Expires next time 'round.
    -Capture means to force the VIP into a pre-selected (such as a prison) area by any means. No, this will not be Point B. Or Point A.

    Tower Wars! -original

    Tower wars is one of the more complicated deathmatch style games of ACCM. Kinda goes a little something like this; A selected player builds the tower (preferably in advance). The tower should rise at least 200 meters, and have a base of at least 20x20.

    -First one to the top of the tower, and holds it for 2:00 minutes wins.
    -Base = PvP zone. If you're not on the base, DON'T SHOOT. If you're on the base, don't shoot at players that are not.
    -Violation of PvP zone rule will earn you five minutes in jail.
    -No vehicles.
    -No builder armors.
    -Anything else goes. Greades, mines, bazookas, snipers, teams, zombies.

    Combat Con:

    A team-based event, each side is given from 20:00 - 60:00 to build. Once the time is up, BALLS TO THE WALL WAR BABY!! For about the same amount of time. Then, back to build, rinse, lather, repeat.

    -During build times (build mode), Pure will be on, vehicles will be disabled, and team damage will be disabled.
    -Pure will be turned off, vehicles on, and team damage on at the end of the time.
    -Not done building? GET TECH ARMOR.
    -While build mode is on, players will not attempt any type of espionage. (spying)
    -Bases will have some sort of entrance for the enemy team. Forcefields are okay, but not with 20 gens.
    -Multiple bases are allowed.
    -Spawn camping is allowed. Why? You spawn with a loadout, and have a 4 second invicible time. Don't whine if you can't kill someone with a fresh-spawned juggie armor, that's your problem.
    -Base rape is allowed.
    -Sniping is allowed.
    -Native base Gens will be accessible somehow for the enemy. Same thing, either teleport or forcefield.
    -Winning team is determined by combined points of said team, or "domination factor."

    Siege-Con style:

    One team builds a base and defends the switch, the other team takes it. Time limit can be set from 20:00 - 60:00, and combat time the same. If the base is taken, switch sides. Team with best time wins.

    -Base must be pentrable in some fasion. Even if it means satchels and juggies and airstrikes, you're still good.
    -Tech/pure is prohibited to attacking team.
    -Defending team cannot spam deployables to block acces routes.
    -Anything else goes.

    Infection: Stolen from TWM. (<- credits?)
    Invincible zombie infects the world. Hurry though, you got a time limit. But, you always got reinforcements.

    -TD is disabled, one player is made a zombie. (Infected Player)
    -IP must kill the humans within a time period.
    -Survivors will be lightly stalked with regular zombies at all times.
    -Map must be a confined area navigable by Commandos. (Suggest setting up ahead of time)
    -Survivors killed by ANY zombie turn into a zombie.
    -Tech / pure is prohibited to survivors.
  • DEATHBORNDEATHBORN Reborn from death...!
    Just as a reminder, Boomsday is a weekly saturday event, however, this post is reserved, why? we havent made the bunker yet... so im only posting dates AFTER we have found a good one, and its complete.

    this post will be edited when changes occur.
  • SSnowFire789 Yeah, sure...Wait, WHAT!?
    I'll join.
  • Numbuh 178Numbuh 178 Senior Member
    It lives!
  • If this is still on, what time do you usually host?
  • Numbuh 178Numbuh 178 Senior Member
    Here lately I've just been leaving it up most of the day, [strike]but right now it's giving me issues... :c[/strike] EDIT: It seems fine now
  • thanks for hosting, it's been real fun
  • Phantom139Phantom139 PGD Founder
    I'll provide some more scripts from TWM if you need them.

    I'll check into that AC130 thing, it's really baffling me that even though we're calling the patrol function, that it's not even seeming to reach.
  • SSnowFire789 Yeah, sure...Wait, WHAT!?
  • I love how you pretty much take all of my game modes and just change one or two details and try to call it new.

    IE: Wartower, Combat Con, TWM Infection, ect.

    As for horde, It's a little too complex of a game mode to simply add to ACCM without having to modify a bunch of other files. It has massive player edits (for lives and respawning) as well as general enhancements to the zombie spawning code. Pretty much, It would take me too much time to try to re-wire it for ACCM, and my current schedule does not really have any "free" time in which I could do something like this.
  • SSnowFire789 Yeah, sure...Wait, WHAT!?
    I love how you pretty much take all of my game modes and just change one or two details and try to call it new... Wartower, Combat Con, TWM Infection, ect.

    Tower Wars (wartower) WAS my invention you fool. It was your servers, but I was the one that turned it into a game type. YOU just "officiailzed" it by making it an actual map type. The original just means my set of rules, which are the original set, instead of yours.

    CombatCon has been on ACCM forever, blame Nukem for that one. I'm not making it new, just stating the rules.
    Infection: Stolen from TWM. (<- credits?)
    Gave you credit thar. Idc if it doesn't suck your dick, that's your mother's job, not mine. It states TWM, that's enough for me and anyone else. God knows we can't forget who coded TWM.

    As for your schedule, Idrc. I'm asking Nukem or another ACCM coder to do this, that way we don't get incredibly suped up zombies. Dond, you're up. :p
  • SSnowFire789 Yeah, sure...Wait, WHAT!?
    Some concepts for nubs.
    IP: Infected Player
    TD: Team Damage
    Veh: Vehicle
    Tech/Builder armor: The Technicain armor available in ACCM when Purebuild mode is disabled. This armor is just like Pure, however it does not have unlimited jets.

    Survivor: Any player that has not yet been killed by a zombie, or yet killed at all in the case of a PvP.

    Team: A team usually consists of an actual TEAM by game standards, where it paints everyone on your team green, and everyone not on it red. However, it can also consist of a squad, or two people that just decide to work together for any period of time.
  • SSnowFire789 Yeah, sure...Wait, WHAT!?

    Hide and go Die
    This is an interesting Air VS Ground game, where locking missiles are prohibited and the trees are the true killers. Basically, one team obtains all choppers/tanks, and attacks. The defending team will defend as best as they can. Except, the gray dense fog limits sight further than 100M. The game is conducted in rounds, last team standing wins.

    -No Juggies
    -No AA rocket Launcher
    -No M79 RPG Launcher
    -Fog must limit all visibility beyond 100 meters.
    -Defending team must be larger than attacking team if possible, preferably at a 2:1 ratio.
    -No camping the vehicle spawn for attacking team.
    -Vehicle spawning is prohibited for the defending team. However, they can steal a vehicle from the attackers.
    -Grav cycles, planes, and bombers are prohibited entirely.

    This game is still in beta.
  • Dark Dragon DXDark Dragon DX The Programmer
    where the trees are the real killers

    Trees are the pilots' real enemies.
  • SSnowFire789 Yeah, sure...Wait, WHAT!?
    That too.
  • Numbuh 178Numbuh 178 Senior Member

    who needs parallel parking
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    Suckers, that's who!
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  • HHumans yes i built that
    Aww wish I had taken the MPB super explosion screenshots from a couple days ago :(
  • ACCM is such an awesome mod.

    *wears an Ask me about ACCM button*
  • thanks for running off last night. now i'm working on hosting my own server so i can KILL ZOMBIES. geez.
  • I just reinstalled T2 and everything today , I miss ACCM . Someone should host and we should get together for some zombie killing .
  • Numbuh 178Numbuh 178 Senior Member
    I'll try to remember to put my server up when I get home.
  • Btw, I seem to have missplaced something, I was hoping you could help me find it, see you on T2
  • DEATHBORNDEATHBORN Reborn from death...!
    bumpity... because lolwhynot?
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