Anyone have Flatdash+ ?

I'd like to run this map on my ECM server, does anyone have a copy of Flatdash+.vl2 I could use?

Thanks in advance


  • PapaBearPapaBear ChiefBlackHawk
    Step 1: Goto .
    Step 2: Left click the word Rawr32 to goto the parent download list.
    Step 3: Click on the mod or map list to find the list of maps or mods your after.
    Step 4: Select it and download it to the Base folder and make sure the .vl2 file is extracted inside that folder.
    Step 5: Play using the map that should now be found in the list of other maps.

    Your Welcome,

  • Thank you sir! But it's only got Flatdash, not flatdash+ with the holes cut in the ground.
  • Phantom139Phantom139 PGD Founder
    You can cut the holes in the map through the world editor.

    World Editor -> Terrain Editor -> Clear Squares.
    Full Documentation available here:

    I think Flatdash+ is Krash's custom map, you may want to ask him if he has a copy as well.
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