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HHumans yes i built that
Lots of Game ID threads popping up, lets combine them all here.

(Remember, don't give out any info you don't mind being freely available on the internet. It is probably smarter to not hand out your MSN if it is tied to your email address and spammers can find it.)

--PC Stuff--

--Console Stuff--
Xbox live:

--Personal Contact (disclose at your own risk!)--
MSN Messenger:

--IRC Hangouts-- #Room

I will update this list in case I missed any other popular forms of contact in use these days.


  • HHumans yes i built that
    --PC Stuff--
    SteamID: MrHumans
    Evolve: MrHumans

    --Console Stuff--
    Xbox live: DrOver9000, IEatNinja

    --IRC Hangouts-- #welcome (Don't come in here talking about tribes, they will ban you.) #TribesNext #the-construct
    other channels completely not tribes related :p
  • ZipperdudeZipperdude The Doctor
    --PC Stuff--
    SteamID: Zipperdude
    XFire: legoxk12 (Not normally on anymore)
    Evolve: Zipperdude

    --Console Stuff--
    PSN: Zipperdude
  • Phantom139Phantom139 PGD Founder
    XFire: Phantom139
    Steam: Phantom13927

    XB360: Phantom139

    E-Mail: [email protected]
  • PC:
    Steam: Deflun

    Msn/Email : [email protected]
  • MezalythMezalyth Hybrid Volt
    SteamID: Mezalyth

    Console Stuff:
    XBL: Mezalyth

    Saw that coming, eh?
  • Fast_FireFast_Fire Killercowzz
    Fast_Fire: Fast_Fire
    Steam: Fast_Fire
    Tribes2: Fast_Fire(Killercowzz)
    Tribes: Ascend: FastFire
  • WWraith117 Senior Member
    --PC Stuff--
    SteamID: stalkz0r
    XFire: I'm not active x-fire user anymore

    --Console Stuff--
    Xbox live: Wraitholyth

    --IRC Hangouts-- #minecraft
  • Steam: Re|peat|er
  • one of us should use their mechanical knowledge party dresses
    to make an MPB in real life, then we can drive around and scoff at the other prom dresses MPB-less gentlemen whilst donning our helmets and sporting glorious armor
  • spambot is spammy, i don't wanna give my info with spambot spreading filth around
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