Does anyone remember the mod...

That you could deploy the jericos into giant missile launchers and create your own silos to than fight against other silos?


  • NaosythNaosyth AKA Avenger777
    That's part of the construction mod. Not all versions still have them though. The original (0.69) has them, but I don't think Metallic does.
  • mpm's if I remember right, could be wrong, however I remember how freaking fun that was, you know, escalation of commitment and all, I think it's present in the latest vanilla con mod build and maybe in metallic, most mods removed mpm's for pacifist and idealistic reasons.
  • TThyth AKA Electricutioner
    Most mods removed them because of the massive datablock requirement. Unmodified MPMs used about 336 datablocks (over 17% of the total usable). For most mods, it was a choice between leaving in the MPM, or creating new types of construction deployables.

    In ECM, I ended up removing 23 wasted datablocks by replacing them with ScriptObjects (since they didn't need to be datablocks), and a further 88 by removing Drain's Planetary Cannon. There's another 58 used for the Arrow IV launcher (but I left that in).

    Still, 225 datablocks is a lot for a feature that isn't used all that frequently.
  • Hey thanks guys, really appreciate it. If anyone remembers me, I used to go by the name MineGoBoom.
  • SSoS Nugget
    I remember you! You used to play on my server sometimes. And yes, I do remember the MPM's. I went by SoS, used to play years ago.
  • >_>
  • A single nuke being fired on Katabatic. After firing the nuke, take notice of Dibision saying, "Please no."

    Here's the most you could fire at once (from what I remember). There are two lesser forms of artillery followed by a nuke. I think I was firing on another person.

    Just a little note from this screenshot: There was an attempt to crash my server a while after this screenshot was taken. It was even longer that I noticed the name of the person who joined and left. uphu was someone who tried to crash my server by building a wall of generators. He failed, as explained in a previous thread of mine.
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