Musical Mental Experiment

Talking to my friend in college and he tells me about this fun mental exercise (if you will) that you can do with your favorite music. You listen to a song and close your eyes to gain a mental picture your brain is producing to the song. I've done this exercise a couple times and what I've seen was amazing.

The genres of music preferred for this experiment should contain no lyrics for guaranteed results.

-Post Rock
-Progressive House
and in some cases, Dubstep

Go on and try it. Share your experience if you want.


  • A giant ship hovering over the ocean.
    Inside along a long hallway you're passing rooms that look like laboratories and the idea of a science vessel comes to mind.
    Back outside there are 3 people riding small hovercrafts heading towards the ship.
    A closer view shows them in hi-tech covert ops attire and body shapes reveal the 3 to be 2 male and 1 female.
    (Upon the 1st build up of the song) The team approaches the lower base of the ship and repel upwards with grappling and harness equipment.
    Inside the ship, The team speeds towards they're objective shooting whoever may stand in they're way.
    (Approaching the breakdown of the song) The team stops at a huge blast door and begin planting explosive breaching charges to gain entry.
    The charges detonate and the door is blasted open. The team walks in, They reached they're objective.
    (Upon the breakdown) An amazing view of a huge room containing large capsules filled with people surrounded in a blue liquid tomb. A closer view of one of the capsules show that all of the people inside look exactly the same as one another then the idea of a cloning facility comes to mind.
    (Approaching the 2nd build up) The team gets ready to fulfill they're mission. They begin attaching harnesses to the rail of the balcony they're on and changing modifications on they're weapons.
    The team hops over and drops rapidly down shooting remote charges at key points of the cloning facility to assure total destruction upon detonation.
    They reach the lower balcony leading to they're point of exfiltration and commandeer an idle mini cargo vehicle to escape. as they take off ,The female member of the team pulls out the detonator to the charges and triggers the explosives.
    (The Climax of the song) Great explosions cover every inch of the cloning facility heading towards the escaping team of spies. the explosions reach the vehicle the team is driving and propels it forward, doubling it's speed. The look on the female members face shines brightly with excitement as she is almost burned by the raging fire chasing her and her comrades.
    (near the end of the climax, approaching the end of the song) The team escape the vessel alive they reach their hovercrafts to get away from the ship.
    As the team continues to escape, The magnificent view of the ship crashing and burning comes. As this goes on, The ship slowly lands and sinks into the ocean.

    Mission Accomplished I'd say.
  • ZaxxmanZaxxman Clueless Noob

    I always imagine a combination of driving and walking along a waterfront to a large city, as I get later into the song I'm Hi-fiving friends and we are on our way to a huge party thrown in honor of us being cool.
  • ddarkavenger_35 =TKM={{cha0s}}

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