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IplopIplop *witty slogan*
Server Address:
(Minecraft or Spoutcraft!)

:!: Rules: :!:
Server Etiquette
  • No chat spamming or harassment
  • No racist, xenophobic, sexist, or homophobic language
  • Do not soapbox or rant.
  • Have good sportsmanship. Bragging about your recent victory is fine, but keep the trash talk to a minimum.
  • Using client mods that give you an advantage, such as wall hacks and player trackers is not allowed.
  • You are responsible for your own account. We do not care if your little brother signed on and griefed, it is YOUR account, you must control it. If someone else does something that violates the rules on your account, your account WILL be banned and you will have to appeal just like anyone else.

Factions and PVP:
  • When you log off, an NPC version of your player will be left where you were for 15 seconds. This can be killed and looted. Log off in a safe place!
  • Your faction must be in a declared state of war with another faction before attacking that faction's base.
  • When declaring war, make sure members of the other faction are online to witness the declaration.
  • You may not attack factions that have no online members, even if at war.
  • Exception: If the target faction collectively broke the rules by combat logging right when you showed up, you may continue your attack.
  • Do not claim land within 15 chunks (140 blocks) of an enemy’s base
  • Camping another faction’s spawn is not allowed. This includes pouring lava on/near/within their spawn area.
  • Do not place lava on other people’s nether portals.
  • Do not grief your own faction or allies of your faction. This includes damaging terrain and stealing items.
  • Any objects that are not within a faction or player's claimed territory are fair game. These territories can be either Factions territories or WorldGuard regions.
  • To clarify: Doing anything to purposely harm the faction you belong to is prohibited. This means that any action, such as stealing items or blowing up your own base can not be done unless the faction leader has stated that doing so is ok.
  • If you are only attacking players, and not their faction's territory, you do not need to declare war first.
  • Following players out of the safezone to kill them is not permitted.
    If you are engaged in combat with someone, do not warp away. Fight to the death.
  • TNT cannons are allowed.
  • Have fun, remember this is a game. Fight honorably, fight fair.

Modifying property bought in Montus Domus:

Players are able to buy houses and shops from Montus Domus, the spawn town, for a fee. Upon buying property, players will be able to edit blocks in their land. Changes should be kept mostly to the inside of your structure. Refrain from making major changes to the exterior of a bought structure, such as adding additional floors. You may add a window or two, but keep the building in theme with the town. You are, however, permitted to add a basement to your bought structure. Your region will extend six blocks below ground to allow this ability.

Do not grief your or anyone else’s bought structures in Montus Domus.

:idea: Plugin Info: :idea:
We're running a factions plugin. Hit up /f help for some info there. Factions can claim up to 20 chunks per player in the faction, and those chunks will be protected from anyone but the faction's declared enemies.

:!: :!: Note: If you see a message about not being on the whitelist, the server is currently in trusted only mode for testing/fixing. We normally do not whitelist, so just check back in a little bit. :!: :!:

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