When can we build together?

I think I've lurked long enough. I wanna build in some way or another..! My communities have wiltered... Is this one to suffer the same fate?


  • HumansHumans yes i built that
    What game do you want to build in? T2? I've been wanting some type of buildathon or something. This might be one of the last times I can do it for a long time too. Let's get something going this weekend or next!
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Woo woo buildathon!
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    On a related note, I've got at least a hundred extra copies of Steam games that could be handed out if you wanted to offer anyone virtual goodie bags for showing up.
  • Alright then! We got us a threesome so far! My issue with gaming right now, is flexibility and other adult stuff. I'd be down for building in gmod or conmod. I'd say Terraria or Minecraft, but building in those games feels more like a long term project, than good ole fashioned con/gmod style(that and I have an affinity for the most time consuming lava castles)!

    But alas, Let's pick a date, and we'll figure out the game from there. Maybe some other faces will show up between now and then. I can host if no one else wants to! Wouldn't mind getting a super-grav bike race, with this site for unified bgm!

    I vote for a friday/saturday night 7-ish pm time!

    *Edit* Apparently turntable.fm shut down :(

    *Editx2* as an alternative to turntable.fm, there is plug.dj I logged in and created a community called Outpost 4
  • I'm in, you should create a steam group chat, lots of people would jump in
  • Hey i just registered here in hopes to catch wind of construction meet ups. I used to love Tribes 2 until the servers went down, but just discovered Tribes Next... talk about nostalgia! That said... the two construction servers that I see there all the time are always empty.

    If anybody wants to dive into that let me know!
  • Ok, well my steam ID is Condude. Add me if any of you are interested, and we can possibly do a test run tonight (strictly for the informalities). I will be online and responsive, probably 7-8ish. Hit me up!
  • Dark Dragon DXDark Dragon DX The Programmer
    I may as well try it. I'm Liukcairo on steam.
  • I don't know how to build anymore but I'll definitely join if I can sometimes. I'm phillkillv2 as always on everything.
  • Alright. So, time for a little update!

    Here is the rough draft outline for the event.

    We are looking at a 7-9 PM Eastern time frame, for a Friday or Saturday night this weekend 04-05 Apr 2014. Input for who will be available will dictate which day gets chosen.

    The Event has several potential venues.

    The Construction route:
    This event will center around three mini-events.
    7:00-8:00 ACCM match on Flatland or Cityscape
    8:00-8:30 Super Grav Cycle races on Arctic Suicide or maybe a group-constructed course on any other map (Katabatic has a nice figure 8 with live turrets and everything!)
    8:30-XXXX Post-event free-build with discussions on the subject of awesome. Map will likely be Beach of Highrock Island or some other zen place.

    The GMOD route:

    The Minecraft route:
    -We split our group into two teams and have a PvP event.
    -Both sides will select a location within 100-200 blocks of each other, and will have a dedicated TNT block placed, as well as a chest full of building materials and weapons.
    -A time limit of 30 minutes will be utilized to build up defenses and traps.
    -After the time limit is up-MORTAL KOMBAT!!
    -No rules, other than the team who sets off the enemies TnT first, wins.


    Ultra Hardcore Battle Royale!
    -1000x1000 plot of land, death = permaban
    -Health does not regenerate
    -There can be only one!

    We can run a plug.dj station for the event. Krash and I were jamming out vivid tunes the other night, so if you wish to partake in the radio station, register on the site and build a playlist prior to the event.

    As the week draws to an end, I will assemble a list of downloads(read: maps) needed for the event for the lazy. :)
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