What realistic modern games are you guys playing?

As a 26 year old with a wife and kid, I find myself lacking in games that others play... While I dig Planetside 2 and PAth of Exile, I find myself lacking casual situations with friendly gamers. Who shall hail?


  • HHumans yes i built that
    I haven't been gaming much at all lately, but when I do its trolling some League of Legends. I did start playing some diablo 3 again since they just updated it. I haven't found a decent shooter or construction game to fill the void of T2...
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    I always forget to play games unless somebody invites me. :sick:

    Been playing some APB with Shane this week though.
  • DEATHBORNDEATHBORN Reborn from death...!
    It may not be realistic, but Warframe is neat, if somewhat a little grindy at times... or buggy... very buggy, often from new updates.
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