What 30 minutes of boredom can produce...

Edit: Better pics (real leaves!) on post 12

Piece Usage Statistics:
(Note: There are many other combinations you can do with settings. This should give you a general idea though)
4 branches per loop:
Depth 5: 597 pieces
Depth 4: 149 pieces
Depth 3: 37 pieces

3 branches per loop:
Depth 5 (Featured in the 2nd batch of screenshots): 202 pieces
Depth 4: 134 pieces
Depth 3: 22 pieces

2 branches per loop:
Depth 5: 47 pieces
Depth 4: 23 pieces
Depth 3: 11 pieces

You can get pretty good looking trees at a lower depth if you add leaves on more than one level. You can have a good tree with about 35 pieces.

There are two quality comparison screenshots attached to this post.


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