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Hi im hotchik,and i get jealous that ppl hav colorful browsers and i dont.So i was wondering if any of u ppl out there kno how if u do just plz post bak :-*]


  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    For changing the colour of the text, you use <color:000000>, where 000000 is the hex of the colour. If you don't have an imaging program or know much about them, there's a bit of a chart here you could use:

    Other things you can use in the browser are things like <just:center>, <font:Univers condensed:26>, <bitmap:Cred_logo5>, and a number of others...
  • BBlitzTorque |Uber God|
    is there like a place where you can see all of the bitmaps?
  • EEehk Not Eolk
    If you have winrar, open up textures.vl2/textures/gui/. Anything in there is what you can put in the browser. I would unrar it somewhere so you can preview them and then just rememeber the filename. There might be a way to do others, but not that I know of.
  • BBlitzTorque |Uber God|
    ok thanks :D
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