Will this work?

I bought spore from retail seller, but im going to download torrented expansions will they work with retail game?

kthxbai :cool:


  • Phantom139Phantom139 PGD Founder
    It depends on what you got.

    I only offer my services where needed.
  • ZipperdudeZipperdude The Doctor
    Why did you not Post this on a SPORE Fourm? This is a Tribes 2 Fourm/Random Junk from Nukems Closest Forurm.
  • Phantom139Phantom139 PGD Founder
    This isn't nukem's Forum. This is general discussion, anything non-T2 related can go in here.
  • ZipperdudeZipperdude The Doctor
    anything non-T2 related can go in here.

    So, Random Junk from Nukems Closest!
  • SnowFire789SnowFire789 Yeah, sure...Wait, WHAT!?
    Nukey has a tagg along. :)
  • CornucopiaCornucopia That One Guy
    I bought spore from retail seller, but im going to download torrented expansions will they work with retail game?

    kthxbai :cool:

    They will work for a while, but expect your legally bought version of Spore to be detained, as in your CD-KEY used to install it no longer works, and an update is thrown at your current version of Spore, making it unplayable.

    Though you have been warned, there are a lot of tricks that Game Studios tend to do, they will purposely leak out games with CD-KEY's over the internet, and they end up catching the person who installs, inputs the cd key, and plays the game, and many torrents out there that people say, "This works just fine!" will work for a short time, and then you end up getting caught, Very high chance if it is a game that uses LIVE for Multiplayer, they end up banning your Xbox Live account.

    The only reason I know this is because my brother tried the same thing with Galactic-Adventures expansion, he ended up having to update his retail version of Spore, and ended up crashing his game every time he tried to start it up. A reinstall didn't fix this problem.

    So word of advice, Go out and buy the expansions, It's worth the money, cause I sure as hell did.
  • DS=DragonstalkerDS=Dragonstalker Senior Member
    Thanks for advice.
    *starts his moped and drives to nearest game shop*
  • HumansHumans yes i built that
    Spore was very addicting for a few hours. Then it wasn't D=

    The only torrents I ever do are really old games that I have already bought =P
  • DS=DragonstalkerDS=Dragonstalker Senior Member
    Doesn't make sense, you download old games that you have already.
  • HumansHumans yes i built that
    That I "have" owned. I've had soo many games that I lost or have thrown away. Example: Old command and conquer games like tiberean sun.
  • MezalythMezalyth Hybrid Volt
    I love how it took 7 posts for someone to finally help this gentlemen.

    Keep on truckin', Joker.
  • {dggs}Demoncard{dggs}Demoncard Juggernaught
    I dont know how to use torrents. :(

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