We need an IRC for this The Construct. Is anyone offering to host it?


  • CornucopiaCornucopia That One Guy

    There already is one.....
  • rysterfrysterf Senior Member
    Cornucopia wrote:

    There already is one.....
    Besides the in-game one since no one goes on there.
  • CornucopiaCornucopia That One Guy
    Yeah, here you go, Like I said above.
    Krash wrote:
    If you have problems with these people in future, click on the "Chat" tab in-game (or connect to irc.arloria.net with your own IRC client) and join #tribes (or #the_construct if you want someplace empty)
    As long as BC is up, I will be in there, and do check messages every few hours if I'm not at the keyboard, so can have a look the next time I'm around if you leave a message. Don't bother asking if I'm there, just say what you need to say.
    There are fairly regularly other admins from the server idling in there, so you might be able to pick someone else up if it requires more immediate action.

    From a check from the past week I've picked up the following, but there may be more that don't match up with the criteria if you guys haven't reported everything.
    IPs,, and GUIDs 2610148, 2610181, 2617365, 2617425

    Remember that everything that goes on in the servers is logged, and unless you see an admin tag in front of their name, all they can do is report an incident and have it investigated... if you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.
  • EolkEolk Angry Old Man
    irc.arloria.net / #the_construct

    Whether you choose to join via in-game Chat Tab or using an external client is your choice. Krash and I idle there 24/7, so, feel free to drop by and idle with us.
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