Help with Hosting a Server

Hi and i relize im new to this forum but im not new to the construction mod and decided to host a kind of self server others can join but not dedicated.

I would like to use the old - Atomix Mod -

and install structural infinity , and the building manager that everyone has and such. :simma:

anyways i am a 3D modeler and might make a mod with this other guy and host a dedicated server soon cause im buying another computer.

So please help me ,
Thanks everyone


  • NaosythNaosyth AKA Avenger777
    What exactly is the problem making it so you cant host?

    Also, you can't use Structural Infinity in a non-dedicated server.
  • Signal360Signal360 KeyboardCat
    he hasnt got a problem, he just probably doesnt know how to.
  • ssoccerman48 The 3D Modeler!
    The only problem i have is exactly what signal 360 said. I just dont know how to install the mod , add the other stuff and host a server for others to join.

    So if you could please explain so i could host a server i would be greatful.

    I know you go to the host tab and stuff but other then that im clueless.
  • Numbuh 178Numbuh 178 Senior Member
    You need to forward port 28000.
  • Signal360Signal360 KeyboardCat
    1. Download your mod
    2. Extract it to GameData
    3. use a DSO Deleter Provided (just in case)
    4. run the Shortcut in the folder to run the server, when its finished loading, close it
    5. go into the folder extracted >> Prefs >> ServerPrefs.cs (Open it in notepad)
    6. Change your Game Name, Find a Line with "$Host::GameName = ""; " in it, When you've Found it, Change the Text in The Quotes to the name of your server, and make sure there is a semicolon at the end.
    7. Forward your Ports... look at for help on port forwarding.
    8. Run again! the server should work properly.
  • ssoccerman48 The 3D Modeler!
    so do i download the construction mod or the Variation i want? and if i download a variation and modifie it will i be able to rename the mod without getting in trouble?

    one more thing .. ... .. ... .. ... .. ... can you add new models into the game serversided or only clientsided? if so how and maps can be added clientside if i use only textures that tribes 2 had originally.
  • NaosythNaosyth AKA Avenger777
    Any new models will be clientside
  • Signal360Signal360 KeyboardCat
    uh..well renaming a mod that isnt yours isnt very respectful, you would have to give the owners of the mod your modifying in the credits.
  • EEehk Not Eolk
    Make sure to go through this thread, too.
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