I Knew It

Read in disgust and discuss.


  • Big deal. It's Castiger. So what?
  • rysterfrysterf Senior Member
    Blnukem wrote:
    Big deal. It's Castiger. So what?
    Waa? I thought they're two completely different people. :eek:
  • Numbuh 178Numbuh 178 Senior Member
    That's... disturbing...
  • rysterfrysterf Senior Member
    Now that's three homos on here. Acroma, Castiger, and Babygurl.

    Edit: I don't have anything against gays, but having this was disturbing.
  • MezalythMezalyth Hybrid Volt
    I didn't even know Acroma pretended to be female.
    I was aware of the Shenfu/Babygurl thing.
    And the Cast thing was self-explanatory.

    now then, what have we learned?

  • haha.. great point mez.. i agree.. just as girls don't poop.
    and i do also think that castiger is a different person than babygurl.. and babygurl has totally won the trophy for the most sick, disgusting, pathetic person on tribes.. i always knew cast was a pathetic little cake boy pretending to be a girl.. and pathetic for not admitting he is gay... but wow.. i actually believed that babygurl was a girl.. i even offered "it" advice for what it should say when asking out the buy it likes.. whatever it is, it is truly a female inside... despite of it's anatomy.. and it is truly a disgusting creature... i wouldn't even call babygurl a human.. nothing THAT grotesque can be considered a human.. i guess this is what we get for playing a free game.. a bunch of circus freaks playing the game, having gay cyber sex. pretending to be little girls.. babygurl has won the award for being the only person that when i think of him, i literally feel sick to my stomache. i wan't to keep trying to describe my feelings.. but there are no words to describe the disgust that i feel towards him.. congrats.. i hope to never have to even think about u, let alone talk to you again...
  • MezalythMezalyth Hybrid Volt
    Chill out, it's only a homosexual. Let's avoid the gay-bashing theme that seems to be overtaking TC, eh?
  • EehkEehk Not Eolk
    Seriously Rysterf, stfu.

    Why do you have to breed so much drama. I will be closing your threads for the rest of my days. :|
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