You know any good free Ipod video converter

Im looking for one, i have only found converters that cost money. :mad:
I did find one free but it didn't work. :(


  • Hey, it's Dayuppy. I suggest using VLC media player. It converts into just about any format. It's confusing at first, bit it's very easy once you know how to use it. Also, it doesn't just convert, It plays nearly every common format known. :)
  • Thanks, im going to try it.
  • Numbuh 178Numbuh 178 Senior Member
    This has ones that you just copy and paste the address of a youtube video
    Lots of conversion software. Theyre free, and can convert pretty much anything.
  • Digital Media Converter is a freeware audio and video converter software that converts media from most formats. No adware, and completely virus free. Supports almost any file format and it is a fast converter. It also does batch conversion and perfectly keeps your audio and video in sync.
  • I wonder if Ian Bell is yet another ad bot or he's someone who got sucked into a temporal vortex in 2009 and he just replied to dragonstalkers message even though to us it's 2015 and I've been drinking coffee all day, onions!
  • HHumans yes i built that
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    I liked that he edited his post after he realized that it hid his url
  • WWraith117 Senior Member
    Heh, I gave my Ipod away years ago.
    (Dragonstalker was my previous account)
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