How to get anything to be powered when editing a map?

Hey, it's Dayuppy. How do you go about powering an object in the editor? Also, is there a way to activate a gen or solar panel from editor? Thanks. This isn't in con mod.


  • powerCount = 1;

    in the object attributes (editor)

    %obj.powerCount = 1;

    in the console, %obj being the object ID number
  • Oops. Doesn't seem to work for me. I set a new Dynamic variable to powerCount=1; and then type the number of object and .powerCount=1; after? By the way this is NOT construction mod if it's specific. It's MD2.
  • By the way this is NOT construction mod if it's specific. It's MD2.

    So why go around asking MD2 stuff in TC?
  • DEATHBORNDEATHBORN Reborn from death...!
    i think its because md2 is pretty famous for being one of the very mods that combine deploying and combat into the extreme, take the bunker pack as an example, i think he might be asking here since there is no md2 support, and its mechanic is simular in a few ways. although we will have to wait for keen... if he ever does pop up from nowhere again O_o
  • HHumans yes i built that
    keen is everywhere
  • Deathborn is right. I can't find Meltdown 2 support anywhere. I've asked question here before and I know some of you guys, so I thought someone might know. The interesting things is, even if I copy a powered gen. It isn't powered when I paste it. Also, instead of creating a brand new thread I may as well post this in here:

    How do you create a bot navigation path?

    Thanks guys :)
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    Moved to Construction Help.
  • Isn't there anyone out there who can help?
  • rrysterf Senior Member
    Isn't there anyone out there who can help?
  • Fast_FireFast_Fire Killercowzz
    I am Keen
  • Dark Dragon DXDark Dragon DX The Programmer
    1.) Under the "teams" simGroup, make sure the team you want it on is there. ("team1", "team2" and so on). If not, create it.
    2.) Make sure the "base" simGroup you want it in is there. ("base0", "base1" and so on) If not, create it.
    3.) Make sure a generator exists in that group.
    4.) Spawn any other electronics you may want in the group.
    5.) Save the map, load in T2 and enjoy. (Make sure you set up the commenting inside or it won't work)
  • Uh, simGroup?
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