The hordes last stand.

After years of mostly peace in the world of Terra. We have preliminary reports that there is a horde in route to our most heavily defended base in the western hemisphere of the old americas.

There making one last push on the people of the earth. This is it gentlemen get ready for the largest assault of mixed zombies to have ever been seen, get your defenses ready and your weapons loaded.

The Horde should be arriving at the base sometime Saturday around 5pm Central. Open warfare before they arrive would be a waste of resources and men. We will defend our home and the remaining city of La Grande Oregon.

La Grande is full of civilians so if the horde makes it into the city they not only will kill many women and children, but will replenish their numbers on them. We cannot allow this to happen.

We are doing drone based assaults on their rapier swarm so there shouldnt be much if any danger of flight capable zombies in the area.

Thats all men, Dismissed.

Ok yes Im going to host a server Saturday for one last good game of CCM.
I will have my server up on occasions between now and then to make sure my current build of ccm is up to date and working. Also I need to build the fortifications. And set up a series spawning function where I can choose the types of zombies spawned esc esc.

Gonna need players ;)


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