One more question!

Saving buildings... I kinda wanna build a maze for my friends to run through for our next LAN... however I dun know how to save my buildings/load them.

I looked around in some of the scripts and such but the one script I saw it says wrong syntax o.O


  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    To save all buildings on the map to a generic name you can type in the console:
    It will tell you the name of the file after saving the pieces.

    To put it in the admin folder to load from the "Change Map" loader (or just to give it your own name, you can use:
    saveBuilding(clientid, radius, "Admin/FILE NAME.CS");
      saveBuildingCentered(clientId, radius, "Admin/FILE NAME.CS", quiet[1/0], centerAtMinZ[1/0]);

    Most of the variations have a savebuilding chatcommand, it will usually be
    /savebuilding filename.cs
    Or something similar
  • What about the load commands?
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    The one in the changemap thing will load saves from the Buildings/Admin/ directory.

    For console:

    And for the chat commands:
    /loadbuilding filename.cs
  • I'm having issues with this as well.
    I've tried several variations of the command but I don't seem to have a Buildings/Admin/ directory. Should I create the folders? Should the be in ../construction/Buildings/Admin/ ?
    I'm running QX btw.
    I've been told that for QX it's: savebuildings(" your file name here .cs"); in the console.
    I have yet to confirm this.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Directories should be created automatically when the file is saved inside, but you can create the buildings\admin folders if they don't exist and you need to load something.

    Quantium may have added another function to call upon the savebuilding commands, but the above ones should still work.
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