Post you WIP ships, or even recently completed ones!

TerkoiZTerkoiZ Time Consuming!...Edible?
A thread that i thought would appeal to ship building enthusiasts so help better co-exist in this crazy life style we call construction.
In this thread you can post anything you wish from work in progress or "WIP" ship or completed ones ready to show off and awe inspire new player's on The-Construct.
Give the name and a short description to give us a feel for your ships character.

These three pic's of mine are for my new ship named "Imperium III" which is the third edition in a few series of ships that i built and i thought i would return to it.
Two of the pictures are a show of progress and the one other is a model concept i made before hand.
  • Imperium III.JPEG
  • Imperium III (Tech's Ship).JPEG
  • Imperium Model.JPEG


  • DEATHBORNDEATHBORN Reborn from death...!
    you know, you could make rooms inside those giant cubes and make it a ship with an interior, thusly making the third one epic as all hell. i could help with that if you think thats a cool idea.
  • TerkoiZTerkoiZ Time Consuming!...Edible?
    Oh dont you worry i've got big plans for the interior aspect of it...
  • DS=DragonstalkerDS=Dragonstalker Senior Member
    That first and screenshots look like mass relay from mass effect.
  • TerkoiZTerkoiZ Time Consuming!...Edible?
    Never played it it's all from my head.
  • DS=DragonstalkerDS=Dragonstalker Senior Member
  • Fast_FireFast_Fire Killercowzz
  • HHumans yes i built that
    Here is a batch of some old stuff, with a slightly newer mixed into the end. All in 1080 for your viewing pleasure!

    1: Carrier ship I was making with 6 Docking bays and a huge storage room.

    2: Very old, and very large ship. Pretty junky, but lots of fun to build. Even has an indoor park!

    3: Old fighter I made for a dock.

    4: Carrier ship again, interior docking control room. Switches.

    5: A fighter I was making that ended up looking like a large version of a starwars ship.

    6: The shuttle I made for the contest!

    7: A ship idea that I got from EVE, it also ended up looking like a starwars ship...
    • screen1.png
    • screen2.png
    • screen3.png
    • screen4.png
    • screen5.png
    • screen6.png
    • screen7.png
  • FFURB Son of Slaade
    Know that in the week that I have been gone I have come up with two decent designs for vessels. I will work on the first one soon, then the second one.(Second module for the Mogul)
  • HHumans yes i built that
    FURB!!! I will post the rest of my ships soon :)
  • AlvissAlviss Banned (Too sexy)







    Seeing all your guys ships made me want to make you make ships in my server, and then fly them around.

    And also post my ships.
  • HHumans yes i built that
    Nice, how big of a ship can you fly on there?

    Here are a couple videos of my newer WIP ships:
  • AlvissAlviss Banned (Too sexy)
    Nice, how big of a ship can you fly on there?

    Here are a couple videos of my newer WIP ships:

    I saw the first one already and the second one was too dark to make detail out (mega sadface) but it looked outstanding, and i watched it completely even though i had no idea what was going on in the hope that i COULD see it EVENTUALLY. :D

    also, they can be as big as the vis-limit, well, technically bigger, and i have plans to include SI into it, there is no limit.
  • HHumans yes i built that
    wow nice, and if your gamma was higher you could see the second video :p

    but yeah, not sure why people even like that map, its too dark
  • FFooCumber Implausible
    Everytime I see bluepads I remember the texture rifle wars.
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