Newtonian Debris

I was watching the latest video of the UT3 Construction Mod clone, and I noticed that in the battle mode, destroyed pieces have the Unreal Newtonian rigid body physics activated for several seconds before they vanish, leading to a more realistic looking collapse of a structure.

Building on the work of Lt. Earthworm's T2 physics crates, and Naosyth's customizable vehicles, I have created something similar (or at least as similar as it gets in T2's wacky rigid body physics simulation).

It's just a 30 minute proof of concept script. Ideally, impulses applied to the debris object would be transferred over to the carrier object. It would also be beneficial to add impulses from the most recent damage (i.e. that what destroys the object), so they immediately go flying when hit by explosions.

A 3 minute recording is attached. The screen shots don't really do it much justice.
  • screen1.png
  • screen5.png
  • screen3.png


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