Stranded II

Fun survival game.
You are stranded on island where you have to survive.
You can build different buildings like stortage, tent and fireplace of course.
You can also make tools by combining raw materials i.e stone + branch = spear or hammer(which is needed for building)
There also is wildlife like monkeys, parrots or even lions or raptors.
And best part, it's completely free of charge
Lets play episode
Trailer of it
Some sort of multiplayer mod
Those are all youtube links, I couldn't get them embedded.
• fast 3D engine with low system requirements
• huge islands
• countless animals and plants
• more than 100 (!) different items with various qualities
• a lot of distinctive buildings and vehicles
• a huge arsenal of different tools, weapons and ammunitions
• seamless day and night alternation
• dynamic lighting effects, particles, fog, reflecting water and blur effects
• a big adventure with ingame sequences and story elements
• many varied maps
• map editor with numerous options
• extremely comprehensive scripting system for interactive maps
• completely "modable" by changing scripts and definitions
(copied from it's homepage)
I have only been playing it for few hours, so I don't really have anything else to tell about it.

ps. We should have represent a game for community like every saturday. :D
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