Battledroid Action Toy

(Originally intended as a mech, the battledroid toy became somewhat of a flop, its many LSB parts tended to get chewed off and cause choking in under 5's, as a result it was dismarketed and so now I show it to you in the form of its old advertisement.)
[Disclaimer - The only real backstory to this is in line 1]

[(Con-Test Submittion)]

Hey Kids!

Do YOU Want the Ultimate toy that everyone is trying to get their hands on?
You DO?, Then try the ALL NEW Battledroid Action Toy from Webtech! The Multifunctional Toy That never stops amazing you!

Yes! Its the Toy of the Future now! With its All-Action CHAINGUN Thats sure to..BLOW YOU AWAY!

It also has Wireless Communication to other Battledroids With its amazing 50'000 Meter Radius! Thats the whole of Flatdash! (WOOOW),

All you have to do is Listen to the battledroid head, and use the Push-To-Talk button on the front for Instant Voice Transmittion
Kid1 : Yes Captain, Were about to secure the Starwolf Flag!

When it comes to battle time, Use the Nerf-Dart Rocket Launcher to Stop Juggernaut Armor, Beowulf Tanks and MBT's In their tracks!

The Nerf-Darts are the same ones compatible with all NERF-DART systems!

Use the Buttons on the Droid to spin the Gun Or Fire the darts!

The Battledroid Action Toy! In most good Construct.Net servers, Right now!

There is a limited edition Battledroid that now comes with a Jetpack! (Screen8).

Kid2: It really works!

Enemy Got your flag? Need to stop them quickly? Get the All new Battledroid action toy, But remember, its only available while stocks last!
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  • Numbuh 178Numbuh 178 Senior Member
    This is pretty awesome
  • IplopIplop *witty slogan*
    Awesome sales pitch! ;D

    'Is your esophagus RAWKIN' enough to take all 7 removable pieces!?!?'
  • I wouldn't get on a fight with that.
  • HHumans yes i built that
    Rofl loved the sales pitch, well done.
  • ZaxxmanZaxxman Clueless Noob
    Drink Battledroid and you can have 400 BABIES And they will run as fast as KENYANS and Be mistaken for KENYANS and get deported to KENYA!!!
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