Scar-11 Ar

[(Con-Test Submittion)]
Some of you may recognise this, the SCAR-11 from Battlefield 2142 in Construction T2.

The combined effort of multiple US and European arms manufacturers, the SCAR 11 has become the standard issue Assault Rifle due to its robust
firepower and ability to perform in cold weather conditions. The SCAR 11 maintains a high rate of fire even in arctic climates, using an integrated heat distributor to prevent apparatus freezing. Electronically-fired, each tungsten-core round boasts an impact velocity of over 800 m/s, penetrating even the latest body armor technologies

It was one of my favourite weapons so I made it, One of my more detailed builds because the interior is easy in terms of shape, and the exterior is somewhat plain.
  • SCAR11-1.png
  • SCAR11-2.png
  • SCAR11-3.jpg
  • SCAR11-4.jpg


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