I found a neat mod last night, had to give it a go today; I'd have to say it's pretty neat.
You can make them with hardly any wood, and you can destroy them quicker than you can with reeds and wheat.

This is really helpful for building, it also gives the game a bit more realism.

I was working on a structure earlier, and thought it'd be nice if I posted some screenshots.

Also, here is the link to the mod if you guys like this kind of stuff.

You can find it
  • 2011-04-09_16.50.21.png
  • 2011-04-09_16.51.15.png
  • 2011-04-09_16.51.25.png
  • 2011-04-09_16.51.44.png
  • 2011-04-09_16.51.48.png


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