FFs bugged in BC

If you Have Forcefields Around your base In BC Then it disables your building abilitys. Any ideas? :confused:


  • What kind of abilities do buildings have?
  • SSnowFire789 Yeah, sure...Wait, WHAT!?
    I luled.
  • That's normal.

    turn off the FF's?
  • SSnowFire789 Yeah, sure...Wait, WHAT!?
    Hang on, Lemme restart the internet, T-C.net, and all the TribesNext servers for you.


    Okay, now try.
  • NaosythNaosyth AKA Avenger777
    Touching a forcefield stops you from being able to use weapons. If you were to actually use 6 forcefields to form a cube around it, it would be fine. Simply making a single forcefield expand over the entire building will not let you use tools.
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