cant load building

hey guys here i am again and i would like to ask you guys for help again.
I hosted a metallic construction server and i saved a building but now every time i try to load the building it says it is loaded but it is no were to be seen. My save files are in construction/buildings/admin if that helps anny. i didnt type in the radius becous in the file with the commands it said i didnt need to do that. if i do need to do that can some one tell me what the radius is or were i can find it in the game.
Thanks in advance again.
Greetings Yuzuyu


  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    The radius refers to the distance around your player that the function will save. If you used the save chat command in the form "/savebuilding Admin/filename.cs", it will set this to something like 999999999, which (while a bit of a silly way to do it) effectively saves everything on the map.
    If did specify the radius, and entered something like 0 or 1 as the radius, chances are you didn't save anything useful.
    If you didn't specify ".cs" at the end of the filename, the building will not be a valid script file (and it will tell you this in the server console when you attempt to load it), and will not appear in the "Change Mission > Load Building" menu that buildings in the admin folder show up in. If this is the case, your building is saved, but you will need to open the folder and manually rename the file to yourbuilding.cs.
  • Fast_FireFast_Fire Killercowzz
    Building placement relative to different maps can be the problem when trying to find them, even if they stay in the same place on the coordinate space of every map. Sometimes buildings will even be underground on certain maps.

    One thing to do is place any kind of piece that either generates power or takes power (like a solar panel, inventory station, or even a tripwire) in, around, or on your building. Then when you load it, you can open up command (default C), right click the piece name on the right-hand side of the screen, select "defend/repair object", hit VCA (accept task), and finally head towards the object's location. This will more or less give you your building's location.

    If you still don't see your building, then maybe the save/load script or buildingname.cs was tampered with. This is easy to figure out if you check on the bottom right of the screen and see a number below the beacon icon that doesn't match the number of pieces you loaded (usually 0 if none loaded). Or if you check the number of pieces on the map (either below the medkit icon next to the beacon one or by selecting Piece Count in the F2 menu) and see that you have/there is 0 or a negative number of pieces. This means that nothing was actually loaded, even if what you loaded wasn't owned by you. If no pieces turn out to be loaded at all, you'll want to refer back to Krash's post above.
  • thanks again you guys :D i would never have thought to look in the change mission to load a building. In anny case i can now load buildings so thanks a lot again :)
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