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Now introducing you my latest car, a highly optimized flat16 engine powers this mighty road warrior, fully equipped with a bodywork, a panel with dials and text displays.

In that video you can see me try to speed-run a vanilla half life 2 map, it took a few tries and it wasn't exactly flawless, but you've got to admit it's speedy for the uneven terrain!


Now introducing you my first working and stable prototype motorcycle.
This is my first noteworthy motorcycle prototype, it's got a somewhat realistic turning and it's not powered by thrusters, instead the wheels are ballsocketed to a small wire engine, which will be replaced by an actual piston engine for added epicness (Like the ones on my cars).

It keeps stable thanks to a swivelled keep upright box, it's a little cheap but it does a good job at keeping the bike stable, this prototype still suffers from a bit of oversteering and lack of speed, both problems will be adressed when a final version of this bike is finished.

It's only made of vanilla PHX props and a few hl2 props, it's wired and it's saved in a nice and stable TB Dupe format.

Here I'm presenting something that's been a hobby of mine for the past couple months, Gmod engines and cars that work together and create "real" horsepower and speed!, great deal of fun, though it's kind of hard to reach very high speeds, my current car can reach 65kmph (more o less 40mph) and it's got a nice turning and acceleration!

if anyone's interested in this there's a load of tutorials which make it rather easy to learn how to make these things..

though making them fast.. that's where the fun is :D

Now introducing you my entry to the sumerian contest!, my own experimental sumerian chariot!!!!!

  • gm_construct_flatgrass_v50008.jpg
  • gm_construct_flatgrass_v50016.jpg
  • bike.JPG


  • ZipperdudeZipperdude The Doctor
    Very Awesome indeed! This makes me want Gmod even more.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Less strings more gearing. :nag:
  • You're saying I should be making transmissions too?, I tried once but the gears slip terribly in gmod!
  • Update: Added my submission to the sumerian contest..
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
  • Just added a screenshot of my new project, bikes!!!!
  • ZipperdudeZipperdude The Doctor
    Again. This makes me want Gmod even more just so I can awe at your projects.

    Very well done!
  • thanks :> , I'll start a charity fundation to raise money and buy you gmod.
  • HHumans yes i built that
    Good stuff, going to reinstall gmod if I ever get my desktop running :D
  • ZipperdudeZipperdude The Doctor
    thanks :> , I'll start a charity fundation to raise money and buy you gmod.

    Oh why thank you kind sir, lol.
  • Fast_FireFast_Fire Killercowzz
    Is it too late to enter for a chance to win a copy of gmod?
  • Of course not!, everyone here has a chance of having a chance of winning a copy of gmod!
    How will we raise $10 to buy gmod for zip and somebody else?(who might be you)
  • Fast_FireFast_Fire Killercowzz
    A telethon!
  • ZipperdudeZipperdude The Doctor
    A telethon!

  • waitwut

    It's actually a great idea, they were practically invented by us Chileans!
    You may or may not know this guy:

  • I have to give respect for the Miles Davis.
  • Thanks :), also UPDATE!, added this:

  • HHumans yes i built that
    very nice, try and make the steering focused a little bit more on leaning side to side and you have a winner. that might also get rid of some of the excess oversteer. good job :D
  • Thanks! and yes, one of the most fatal design flaws in this model is that it don't properly lean when steering, instead of leaning normally the upper part of the bike is pulled outwards while turning because there's nothing to stabilize it, I once put thrusters to cancel that leaning but it didn't work at all at high speeds so I'm kind of figuring a better way to make that work, at least the actual handle turns as well as the wheel so my gues is that the next bike I make (or the next version of this bike) will have a way more enjoyable turning, this is the first bike that actually turns "well" lol, you should have seen the one I made before this, if you overturned a little it stated swaying like it was drunk, but this one is a lot more stable :) [/textwall]

    After months of improving on older designs, I've finally made a car I like offroading with!

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