Server Problems

Si Updating hangs at writing the Client.cs (23kb).
When i try to connect to my server it always says that its cycling missions (stops at Stage 2).

How i installed it:

Installed using the normal installer from rawr32.
Installed TN patch.
Installed Con mod latest.
Installed metallic mod latest ( i noticed it overwrites files of the con mod).


  • I cant edit my post but also i noticed that the server name always defaults regardless of the value set within the prefs file.

    Edit: it says loading mission flatdash+ but this is a map no mission.
    Also in the source it looks for the <mission-name>.mis file in missions/ but there is no such dir.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Each construction mod is standalone, and while overwriting the files will in most cases not cause you any problems, there is no need to install two.

    The constant "cycling missions" error is due to your $Host::Map (in serverPrefs.cs) being set to a mission file that doesn't exist. This usually happens when someone tries to use the display name instead of the filename, eg. "Flatland Big" instead of "FlatlandBig".
    Missions that you've downloaded are typically stored inside vl2 files, which are simply archives read by the game keeping the directory structure intact. You can open them up and peek around if you're not sure what the mission file you need is

    The server name resetting to default is most likely either,
    1. You ran the game prior to starting the Construction dedicated server, resulting in compiled preference files being created and overriding your settings. Running the DSO remover immediately prior to starting you dedicated server should solve the issue if this is the case.
    2. You modified your preference files by hand, and inadvertently introduced a syntax error, resulting in either a compiled version or serverDefaults taking precedence over your settings. Running compile or exec("prefs/serverPrefs.cs"); in your server console should indicate a syntax error & line number if this is the case.
  • Thanks! trying it right now, will post back with the result.
  • Ok i did a fresh install, first installed TN patch then the metallic con mod and then SI.
    Server name changed now but im still getting the cycling missions error, i set the Map to flatlandpack and there is a file inside GameData/base called flatlandpack.vl2

    Edit: working now with flatland as Map.

    Couple of questions...

    Is there any way to disable kick voting?
    How do i disable Prison and Cascade and deployable spam detection thing?
    What is expert and mtc mode?
    What is purebuild? found that out how to enable it but it removes the Modiffier tool. I added $Host::PureServer = 1;
    The motd, how do i edit that?
    Building manager how do i get that? To load and save buildings.
    The game is constantly bumping for me, i got a GTX 260 card with a quad core so hardware is not the issue.
    I only want people to be able to change the missions to construction, not all the other missions, how do i set that.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    The filenames you're looking for can be found inside the archive (which can be opened with WinRAR/7zip, etc, or the extension changed to .zip) under the "missions" subdirectory. Specifically, as you surmised from the source, you're looking for "<mission-name>.mis".

    I believe in the flatlandpack there are about 20 variations of Flatland, but simply setting $Host::Map = "Flatland"; should allow you to get ingame and change to whatever map you'd like to play on.
  • Ok, i've edited the above post, take as much time as u need to answer these questions, i will go to sleep now. Thanks alot i appreciate it.
  • Alright i narrowed down the questions list alot.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    I dont want players to be able to use normal weapons, how do i set that?
    Can only select 4 packs at the inventory, no things that the construct server has.
    Metallic pack dropdown is grayed out, cant select anything.
    These should be solved for the most part by enabling Purebuild. ($Host::Purebuild = true; or via in-game lobby menu)

    You'll also want to make sure $Host::CRCTextures = false; which will prevent the server from seeming to drop players at random if you or they have custom textures.
    How do i make myself admin?
    Either set $Host::AdminPassword to a password of your choosing and use SAD("password"); in your client console, or in your server console use listplayers(); to find your clientID and then enter <clientid>.isSuperAdmin = true;
    After doing either of these you can right-click your name in the lobby and add your guid to the admin list to be automatically admined the next time you join.
    Any list of console commands?
    any list of ingame commands?
    There isn't an extensive documented listing of console commands, but you can find a list or two with quite a few little tricks if you do some searching on the forums. There is a chat command listing for the old 1.4beta here that should cover all the commands included in that version.
    How do i setup map voting?
    Map voting is set up automatically (as a base feature in the game scripts) and should function normally out of the gate. If you want to restrict it in any way, the scripts will need to be modified.
    If you simply want to reject the vote, in scripts/admin.cs at the start of function serverCmdStartNewVote add something like:
    if ( %typeName $= "VoteChangeMission" && $HostTypeName[%arg4] !$= "Construction" ) return;
    but note that the system in use is very baseline and it will allow votes through from players who aren't using the menu to send the vote. You shouldn't have problems, but you can always cancel the votes.

    If you don't want other missiontypes to show up on your list, you'll need to do something like modify the servercmd that sends the typelist to the player (serverCmdGetMissionTypes in scripts/server.cs) so that it only sends the construction entry. It could be something like this:
    function serverCmdGetMissionTypes( %client, %key ) {
    	for ( %type = 0; %type < $HostTypeCount; %type++ )
    		if ( %client.isAdmin || $HostTypeDisplayName[%type] $= "Construction" )
    			messageClient( %client, 'MsgVoteItem', "", %key, %type, "", $HostTypeDisplayName[%type], true );
    	if (%client.isAdmin || %client.isSuperAdmin)
    		messageClient( %client, 'MsgVoteItem', "", %key, "LoadBuildingFile", "", " - Load Building File - ", true );
    Again, it will still allow players with a bit of knowledge of the games workings to attempt to bypass it, but this method still allows admins to choose non-construction missions. There are a variety of other things you could do to further restrict it, but it would take some time to edit the appropriate files.
    If you want to restrict the missions from being on your list completely, you might modify your mission list generator (function buildMissionList in gameGui.cs - you'll need to open up base/scripts.vl2) to reject non-construction missions. There should already be something there to reject singleplayer missions, so it should be easy for you to modify. Save your new scripts/gameGui.cs under the construction directory and it should be good to go.

    There are a few variables in your server prefs to tune voting slightly:

    $Host::allowAdminPlayerVotes // [true/false] allow players to vote themselves admin
    $Host::VotePassPercent // [0-100] percentage required for a vote to pass
    $Host::VoteSpread // [time in seconds] time between votes
    $Host::VoteTime // [time in seconds] time a vote runs
    Is there any way to disable kick voting?
    If you open "scripts/admin.cs" and find the line:
    if( %typeName $= "VoteAdminPlayer" && (!$Host::allowAdminPlayerVotes && !%client.isSuperAdmin))
    Add underneath it:
    if( %typeName $= "VoteKickPlayer" && ((!$Host::allowKickPlayerVotes && !%client.isAdmin) || !isObject(%arg1)))
    and set $Host::allowKickPlayerVotes = false; in your serverprefs.cs, only admins will be able to kick players.
    How do i disable Prison and Cascade?
    Both (among a few others you may want to toggle such as invincible deployables and deploy spam settings) can be disabled via the lobby menu, or in your serverprefs under $Host::Prison::Enabled and $Host::Cascade
    What is expert and mtc mode?
    Expert mode is simply a setting to allow the pieces to use all of their available options. There is no benefit to disabling it.
    MTCs are hunter-killer turret bots that chase you around and have parties with all of their friends.
    What is purebuild?
    Purebuild is a setting to only allow the construction armours and tools. Some people like to disable it to play with the base weapons.
    The motd, how do i edit that?
    The version you're running has three configurable variables for the loadscreen, $Host::ServerRule1, $Host::ServerRule2, and $Host::ServerRule3.
    If you want to change it more extensively, you can modify scripts/Loadscreen.cs
    If you want to change the centerprint message you get when you finish loading, you can modify scripts/defaultGame.cs - I believe that version did it all in DefaultGame::clientMissionDropReady, and it should be pretty obvious.
    Building manager how do i get that? To load and save buildings.
    While there isn't a building manager in the version you're using, there are a few chat commands to accomodate you if you look at the post I linked earlier. If you use the /savebuilding command to save your file and make sure to put it under "admin/", you can load it via the "Change Mission" submenu in the lobby. Make sure to save your buildings with a .cs extension, or they won't load.

    The "bumping" is a timing issue, if you insert setPerfCounterEnable(0); somewhere it will be automatically executed (such as your scripts/server.cs file), it should be resolved.
  • HHumans yes i built that
    MTCs are hunter-killer turret bots that chase you around and have parties with all of their friends.

    The MTC parties are dangerous.
  • The MTC parties are dangerous.

    My school is dubbed "MTC" o_O
  • Wow! thanks alot Krash your the best.
  • Lol now i cant connect, the client says something about a middle man attack.
    You also mentioned there is no building manager in the version im using, is there another one? i've got the latest from rawr32.
  • bump
  • I got it fixed but if i select a pack i can place it but when i select a new pack it still places the old pack.
  • NaosythNaosyth AKA Avenger777
    You need to buy the new pack, go to an inventory station or type /bf in chat
  • I want it to buy automatically when selected, similar to how The Construct server works.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Open hud.cs, locate function serverCmdSetClientFav and find (near the end of the function) the line
    inventoryScreen::updateHud(1, %client, 'inventoryScreen');
    and add above:
    if(isObject(%client.player)) {
    		if ( %client.player.getMountedImage($WeaponSlot) != 0 )
    			%curWeapon = %client.player.getMountedImage($WeaponSlot).item.getName(); 
    		%client.player.use( %curWeapon );
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    The wild Krash uses Helpfulness! It's super effective!
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