Thinking of buying RC heli...

I'm considering buying an RC Heli Like the multiplex FUNCOPTER. Is has the word FUN in it so it must be fun, amirite?

The only problem is that these dirty sluts are about 350$ each. For the remote controller = Transmitter I would be buying a Spektrum dx6i which would be another 160$ at least.

If i wanted to be cheap i could just buy the FUNJET for 200$. I saw someone actually flying one of those last summer and it looked like shitloads of fun. like i mean you could actually see the fun oozing out of this guy flying it.

So what do you guys think? is there anyone on these forums with RC heli or jet experience?


  • I love how this isn't an automated message selling rc heli's, however, it could be offset by the fact you must hate that this is not an elaborate answer containing useful information on rc heli's.
  • WarlordxWarlordx Senior Member
    I love how...

    ...just the other day iplop was making fun of you and telling me you liked to eat shit sandwhiches but I stuck up for you and told him that you didn't like bread.

  • But I do like bread..
  • WarlordxWarlordx Senior Member
    But I do like bread..

    Well then that's awkward. How about them RC Heli's or planes or cars?
  • DondeliumDondelium Old timer
    My suggestion.... buy a mountain bike, or snowboard... which ever one will get more use in your area.

    Far more entertaining. :D
  • Also fun:

    a .577 chambered rifle!

  • WarlordxWarlordx Senior Member
    Hey Deflun and Dond, how are you guys doing!?

    Def, the gun looks a little dangerous don't you think?

    Dond, I was considering buying a mountain bike for the summer because the area I live around is rather hill or mountainous and we do have many good bike trails.

    This is the view from my back yard wouldn't it be great for some sort of RC thing though? Ignore the POS wii, I took this pic to sell it on ebay. :o

  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    I'm fairly sure iplop has an RC helicopter and may have cannibalized other RC devices to create a full-sized robot slave to do his dishes.

    Come to think of it, that last part might have been a dream.
  • WarlordxWarlordx Senior Member
    Yeah, im waiting for him to post.
  • I'm fairly sure iplop has an RC helicopter and may have cannibalized other RC devices to create a full-sized robot slave to do his dishes.

    Come to think of it, that last part might have been a dream.

    Maybe he just created a small RC insect that crawls into your ear while you're sleeping and gives you dreams of robot maids.

    For whatever good reason he had at the momment.

    Also, that wii looks very sexy on that countryside balcony.
  • HHumans yes i built that
    Warlord, its a lot easier to talk to him in irc if you have it. I'll let him know about this post though.
  • IplopIplop *witty slogan*

  • WarlordxWarlordx Senior Member
    I don't have it... but i wonder if theres an IRC android app i can get for my phone. Ill look into it. Or maybe he can just text me...
  • ergo46ergo46 Somewere is HELL
    Get a Blade 400 BNF, Futaba 7C or 8FG super.
    When you learn to fly get a Nitri heli. The Thunder Tiger 4855-K10 Titan X50B Heli Kit W/fiberglass Blades. Is cheap and a great flyer or you can just start a Thunder Tiger Raptor G4 90-Class Flybarless Nitro Kit 4894-K10. That is my main heli that I do shows with.
  • WarlordxWarlordx Senior Member
    well theres a Futaba 7C 7-Channel 2.4GHz FASST Heli Radio System Mode 2 FUTK7004 on ebay for 259.99

    Or i could get the Spektrum DX6i for 159.99 Dunno which would be better for me... ill have to do some research.

    Flybarless copters??? CLASSY!!!
  • IplopIplop *witty slogan*
    Sorry for the lack of reply x.x
    (crazy busy lately)

    I'll have to look things up again to see what's current. (still flying the crap out of my little mSR ;D )
  • IplopIplop *witty slogan*

    Huge improvement! Fly bar-less FP heli!
    Only downside I can see: Much more responsive than the original mSR; BNF is probably the way to go since it tends to be a bit nuts for beginners on a DS6i.

    RTF = $149

    I'd stick with a FP heli for your first copter. >.>
  • WarlordxWarlordx Senior Member
    Don't worry iplop ill be all practiced up by the time my Heli arrives at my house. I have the newest Phoenix 3.0 and RealFlight G5/6 to practice on but I need to buy my Transmitter before I can use those simulators.

    Whats the difference between fixed pitch and collective pitch heli's? I know what Coaxial is.

    Also I cant deal with those little helis, sorry, I'm a go big or go home kind of person =/ If i had money I'd buy this


    999.99 Who's the first to donate to a great cause? :D

    Check out this video of what it can do...

  • IplopIplop *witty slogan*
    Fixed Pitch (FP): the blades are at a preset angle of attack that does not change. This means that the user alters the amount of lift by increasing or decreasing rotor head speed.

    Collective Pitch (CP): The user can alter the blade's angle of attack while in flight. This gives the user complete control over the amount of lift at any given rotational speed.

    CP helis are EXTREMELY hard to control. Think of balancing and directing a marble on a basket ball.
    Controlling a FP heli is about like balancing and directing a marble on top of a flat plate.

    While simulators are helpful, your prowess in a sim is not indicative of real world skill. I can do all sorts of tricks/stupid things in a simulator even though there's no way in hell I could reproduce those tricks in real life.

    Here's a good FP heli if you don't like the minis: ~$130 for the BNF version.

    Also, if you haven't noticed yet, I really like that rchelicopterfun website. it's one of, if not the most, informative sites out there. Their RC heli flight school is invaluable (read it!).
  • WarlordxWarlordx Senior Member
    Thanks, ill go through that 10 day training/check list and check out that copter... although I pretty much have the one I want to buy picked out though, you never know I could always change my mind.

    Ill have to record my first flight and post it here!
  • ergo46ergo46 Somewere is HELL
    If you going to spend 1k on a heli get a Thunder Tiger.
  • WarlordxWarlordx Senior Member
    I'm not spending 1k on a heli. Looking to spend about 400-500 max on everything, that includes: Helicopter or plane / transmitter / receiver / charger-balancer (for the plane or heli) / 20$ for the USB dongle thing so I can use flight sims / Spare lipo battery?

    So... that's a lot of shit for one little 'hobby'
  • IplopIplop *witty slogan*
    If you going to spend 1k on a heli get a Thunder Tiger.
    Hell no.
    If you're going to spend that much, get an Align heli.
  • WarlordxWarlordx Senior Member
    Well if anyone sees this old post &/Or cares I've got all my stuff now just need to hook up the receiver up to it but need help because none of the wires are marked and I don't know which wire goes where...

    Makes me a sad panda. I'll provide a pic below to see if anyone can help figure it out.



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