SI does not work properly

Hello guys.

I really need your help and would really appreciate if you would help me.
I installed SI on my computer and all. I loaded something in construction I made earlier but couldn't finish it because I couldn't build past the 1024 objects. After I installed SI it worked for a time. I could place like 50 more objects or so.
How ever after those 50 I cant see the objects any more. I have the latest version of SI. And i'm running metallic construction. I host my own server offline. I did how ever install the tribes next patch. But I still can only see about 1074 objects.
Does any one know how to fix this? I would really appreciate the help. I have no idea my self how to fix this.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,


  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    SI will not function for the host at all on a listen server, so you'll need to run your server in dedicated mode if you intend on using the script.

    For an offline server, the shortcut to start in dedicated mode should look something like:
    Tribes2.exe -dedicated -nologin -mod Construction

    Because the setGhostable function isn't available in the current TN release, if you want to be able to use the slack space functionality (to allow you to respawn or create vehicles while over the limit, for example) you'll need to run the dedicated server with the old version of the SI patched exe here. Keep in mind though, that this will only work in offline mode, and only on a dedicated server (though you should theoretically be able to host online with it if you use LouCypher's IFC22.dll replacement as well).
  • I didn't know there was an other way to host an construction other then a dedicated server. So I always host a dedicated server.
    Like I said it says its working. I get the green words that it says its working when I start up. But ill try out the exe vile you gave and see if it works.
    And if it doesn't... Well i guess ill just come back here.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    The EXE will not change the way the script operates - and will in fact lower the "regular" deployable limit when the script is operating correctly.

    The plain truth of the matter is that if you percieved and additional 50 deployables available, it was not through the use of SI, and likely due to either the count of objects on the map you played on or the sequence of objects loaded, resulting in a miscount. The server script will not cease to notify the client at an arbitrary count.

    The centerprint message you receive does indicate that the server script is loaded and should be functioning - though if the message you recieve is green, not yellow, you would be getting an error message in the server console every time you deploy a piece over 875 indicating that the setGhostable function does not exist (unless you're running the modified server EXE). It also means that the client script sent a notification to the server, indicating that the communication portions of the script are working, and making the most likely scenario that the memory modifications to the client have not been made.

    Did you use the installer for your SI client or manually install the vl2? Both require the latest TribesNext patch, but if the latter you should wait a good 30 seconds after launching the game before joining your server, as it performs an update sequence prior to making any modifications to your client. If you open your client console (~) after launching you should see any status messages from the script while it loads.
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