Hello Guys.

I was wondering does any one know how you can change the gravity of a mod? Is it pocible to do it when you SA?

Kinde regardes Yuzuyu

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  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Accepted Answer
    In the server console,
    getGravity(); will return the current gravity.
    setGravity(); will set the gravity.


  • I remember there were console commands that allowed you to manipulate the timescale, and I think I can recall being on a low gravity server once, though I could be wrong.
    wish I could help you more...
  • WWraith117 Senior Member
    You can indeed modify gravity via console, but I can't remember command to do it.
  • Tanks for the help people. I will try to use the commands :D

    Kinde regards Yuzuyu
  • FFooCumber Implausible
    I read gravity in the voice of the Joker. Anyone else?
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