So today during school, I was talking to Doe about have somesort of ConCon, similar to Minecon. We all meet somewhere, meet each other in person, rant about Zephyr, and play Tribes.

So my question is this, and I'm just being curious.
If this were to actually happen, would any of you guys be willing to come to Canada for maybe a weekend, for said convention?

Please put your ideas and suggestions below, I'm actually generally interested about this idea.


  • I for one vote for the fertile, relatively flat lands of Chile, there's lots of room here to build
  • HHumans yes i built that
    I would love to, I just can't afford anything like that.
  • How about we all go to Tasmania where the weather will change at such a rapid pace you will all leave during the flight.
  • That's a pretty expensive trip, and I don't think most of you know me :o.
  • But if you guys had the money, would you be interested in coming up for this event?
  • I'd go if everyone knew me better
  • Hell, if I had the money, I'd buy you all plane tickets and rent some funny shaped island in dubai, after all, you people are like a forum to me :heart: (yes even the ones I don't know much or the guys who only signed up for an auth key)
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