After years of inactivity

I played many years ago and thought I would try and apply this mod to my career.

I run Windows 7.
-Installed Tribes 2 version 25034
-Installed Construction v0.70a
-About halfway through the installation the installer exits. The files are in the R:\Program Files\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\Construction folder. I don't know if this affected anything.
-Installed TribesNext

When I go ingame I am not sure everything is there. I can't find the rotate tool for instance.

Is there a comprehensive list of commands?
Is there a description of the construction tools and how to effectively use them?


  • HHumans yes i built that
    After writing this up I realized that you may want to play construction offline by yourself. The problem with that is the latest and nicest version of any mod really won't be available to you. There also won't be anyone to help you out either ;)

    You don't need the actual mod to play construction. What you do need are these things:

    TribesNext: Dynamix/Sierra shut down the master server some time ago. TribesNext is the new Tribes 2 client that allows the game to be played on a new master server.

    SI Client: SI, or Structural Infinity, lets you see over the old piece limit of roughly 1024 pieces. Remember when there were 10 people online and you couldn't see what you were building? That is gone with this mod :) Beware, however, if you are joining onto a server that already has 2,000+ pieces it can take some time to load now. Totally worth it.

    Completely delete Tribes 2 from your computer and reinstall it. Then install the TribesNext patch. Finally, install the SI client (which also comes with some extra keybind goodies for building) and you are good to go. We occasionally have some people still building on the Construct BC server.


    *Edit again*
    Once you have the SI client installed you get access to some helpful keybinds that replace quite a few of the commands below. For instance, I have the "/hover" command set to [Shift + H]. The "/move -1" command to [Shift + M]. The "/getsize" command to [Shift + G]. The "/copylastsetsize" to [Shift + V]. The "/undo" command to [Shift + Z]. Etc., etc... Incredibly helpful.

    Here is a semi-comprehensive list of commands. This is old and stolen from another thread on these forums. Some of these I think are broken, and there could be quite a few not listed that are fairly useful. Maybe someone else can chime in.
    Metallic 1.4 Beta - Chat Commands: Some of these have been replaced or are used differently in 1.5. Also note that you don't need [] around your entry. 
    1.4b Help Commands: 
    //tip rnd - Random tips, as you would see when joining the game. 
    //help - Basic help commands. 
    //cmds - Lists some commands for different help lists. 
    //sizehelp - Help with sizing pieces. 
    //buddylist - Buddylist commands. 
    //door - Door commands. 
    //gatehelp - Warpgate commands (requires warpgate) 
    //piecehelp - Piece commands. 
    //RPG - RPG commands. 
    //Plist - RPG purchasable items. 
    //assassinhelp - RPG Assassin commands. 
    //grpg - GhostRPG commands. 
    //ZDS - (Admin) ZDS functions. 
    //admin - (Admin) Some admin commands. 
    //admin2 - (Admin) Some more admin commands. 
    //stuff - (Admin) Stuff by sunnysteps. 
    //types - (Admin) A few weapons and items. 
    //veh - (Admin) The default vehicle types. 
    //tip admin rnd - (Admin) Random admin tip. 
    1.4b Admin/SA Commands: 
    //delpieces [player] - Removes the pieces of the specified player. 
    //givepieces [player] [player2] - Transfers ownership of [player]'s pieces to [player2]. //givepiecesclient [clientid] [player] - Transfers ownership of [clientid]'s pieces to [player]. //giveorphan [player] - Gives all orphaned deployables to [player]. 
    //summon [player] - Brings [player] in front of you. 
    //fade - Fades the piece infront of your gun. 
    //unfade - Unfades a faded piece infront of your gun. 
    //stationtime [0/1] - Toggles the station hold time between normal and fast. 
    //tooltime [0/1] - Toggles the construction tool time between normal and fast. 
    //toss [vel] - Toss a vehicle or player in front of you. Vel can = up to 300 
    //savebuilding [radius] [filename.cs] - Save a building. Radius not required. Put file in admin/ for easy loading. 
    //loadbuilding [filename.cs] - Load a building. 
    //deadmin [player] - Removes admin from [player]. 
    //move [x y z] -or- 
    //move [z] - Move yourself up down left right forward backward. Wherever. 
    //moveto [x y z] - Move yourself to specific coordinates. Leave blank for center. 
    //getpass - Get the password to a chatcommand door. 
    //goto [player] - Moves you to [player]'s location. 
    //cloak [player] - Cloaks the specified player. 
    //freze [time] [player] - Locks [player] in EMP for specified time (in seconds). 
    //removenoob [player] - Removes [player] from the "noob" list. 
    //givegun [type] [player] - Gives [player] specified gun (or item). 
    //types for a few. 
    //giveall [player] - Gives [player] all weapons. Seriously not recommended. Enables cheats, doesn't disable 
    //makewarrior [player] - Makes [player] a warrior with giant armor and a bunch of weapons. 
    //antiw [player] - Antiweapon player. Tosses any weapon they pull out. May need to perform twice. 
    //cvote - Cancels a vote in progress. 
    //meganoob [player] - Changes the [player] name, makes them change sex/voicepitch continuously. No items. 
    //turrets - Enables or disables the turrets. 
    //PSCG - Toggles pulse SCG modes. 
    //whois [player] - Gets the authinfo of a player and displays some of it for you. 
    //cpw [colour] [message] - Centerprint words. Displays your coloured message in a box at the center. 
    //bpw [colour] [message] - Bottomprint words. Displays your coloured message in a box at the bottom. 
    //twoteams - Toggles a second team on or off. Usually used with objective packs and gamemode. 
    //pureveh [vehtype] [#] - Sets the number of a type of vehicle that can be spawned at the vpad. 
    //veh for list 
    //puregive [itemtype] [#] - Sets the items a Pure armor can purchase from the inventory. 
    //types for some items. 
    //mods - Not used. Use 
    //tooltime and 
    //shieldon - Turns your repelfield on. 
    //shieldoff - Turns your repelfield off. 
    //jets [#] - Sets the jet mode (0-5). Leave blank to cycle modes. 
    //jeton [player] - Gives [player] unlimited energy. 
    //jumps - Enables / disables super jumps. 
    //realrun - Enables / disables 'real run' mode. 
    //doomfall - Enables / disables doom fall mode. 
    //grpgset [type] - (GRPG) Sets your GhostRPG mode. Does not require RPGmode. Off to disable. 
    //forcejob [#] [player] - (GRPG) Force a player to take specified job. Use 'nothing' as the [#] to release them. 
    //rpgmode [1/0] - (RPG) If [1/0] is 1, enables RPGmode. Otherwise disables. 
    //RPGedrainmode [1/0] - (RPG) Enables or disables RPG energy drain mode. 
    //cashgiveall [#] - (RPG) Gives all players up to $500. 
    //gamemode [1/0] - (Gamemode) Enables or disables gamemode. 
    //maxpoints [#] - (Gamemode) Sets the maximum points a team can get before they win the match. 
    1.4b Player Commands: 
    ![player] [message] - Sends [message] to [player] in private. 
    //setsize [x y z] - Sizes objects relative to the object's default size. Best for exact spine sizes. 
    //spine [z] - Changes the length of a beam or pad. 
    //objectscale [x y z] - Scales objects relative to 1m cubed. Good for crates. 
    //name [objname] - Sets the name of certain objects. 
    //delmypieces - Remove all your pieces. 
    //radius [#] - Sets the toggle range of switches. 
    //chalenge [player] - Challenge [player] to a duel with a blaster and shocklance. 
    //opendoor [password] - Opens a chatcommand door. Password optional. 
    //setpass [password] - Sets the optional password on a chatcommand door. 
    //givecard [player] [lvl] - Gives [player] access to your contact lvl doors. Use 1 - 3 as a lvl. 
    //stripcard [player] [lvl] - Removes [player] access to your contact lvl doors. 
    //setspawn - Sets your spawnpoint (requires a deployed point). 
    //clearspawn - Resets spawnpoint. 
    --Note that buddy access to your pieces is ineffectual in 1.4b 
    //badd [player] - (Buddy) Adds [player] to your buddylist. 
    //bdell [player] - (Buddy) Deletes [player] from your buddylist. 
    //blist [player] - (Buddy) Displays a list of your buddies. 
    //bchat [message] - (Buddy) Private buddy chatting. 
    //reportnoob [player] - Reports a [player] as a noob. Often spammed if players find out about it. 
    //revenge - Purebuild on, gamemode off, will kill the last person to kill the non-admin sender 
    //givepieces [player] - Give your pieces to another player. Doesn't give pieces to an admin. 
    //setname [name] - (Warpgate) Sets your warpgate's ID. 
    //getfx - (Warpgate) Lists warpgate effects. 
    //setfx [fxname] - (Warpgate) Sets a warpgate effect off the list. 
    //suckmode [1/0] - (Warpgate) Toggles warpgate suckmode on or off. 
    //setdest [destname] - (Warpgate) Sets your warpgate's destination. //activate - (Warpgate) Activates your warpgate. 
    //togglelock - (Warpgate) Locks your warpgate from other player's use. 
    //labeltp [id] [name] - Labels your personal teleport point (F2 menu). 
    //getjobs - (GRPG) Lists available jobs in the current GhostRPG type. 
    //becom [#] - (GRPG) Accepts a GhostRPG job. Your chat will be flagged with your job name. 
    //givecash [amount] [player] - (RPG) Give some of your cash to [player]. 
    //showcash - (RPG) Display the amount of cash you have left. 
    //showbank - (RPG) Shows the amount of money in your bank. 
    //deposite [amount] - (RPG) Put money in your bank account. Money in the account is untaxable. 
    //withdraw [amount] - (RPG) Take some money out of your account. 
    //rpgadmin - (RPG) $5000 Become the RPG admin, collect taxes and such. 
    //rpgpowerco - (RPG) $3000 Become the power guy. 
    //gendrain [player] - (RPG) Requires you to have RPGpowerco. Drains [player]'s generators. 
    //gamble [cash] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] - (RPG) Gamble some of your cash on up to 5 numbers between 1 and 36 
    //cashsuck - (RPG) $100 Sucks cash-drop boxes towards you for 4 seconds. 
    //shieldon - (RPG) $1000 Turn on a repel-field for 20 seconds. 
    //becomeassassin - (RPG) $200 Become the assassin. Gives you a shock rifle and the ability to break neaks with 'R'. 
    //resettarget - (RPG)(Assassin) Resets your target. 
    //echoTarget - (RPG)(Assassin) Reminds you who you're hunting. 
    //addtarget - (RPG) (For normal players) Add a target for the assassin to hunt. 
    //cleararray - (RPG)(Assassin) Removes all missions from your hitlist. 
    //echoarray - (RPG)(Assassin) Shows all available hits. 
    //gettarget - (RPG)(Assassin) Accept a mission. 
    //endassassin - (RPG)(Assassin) Quit your night job. Perhaps your day job pays better anyways.
  • Thank you for your detailed response. I'm hoping this will come in handy as a supplement to CAD, and Revit.

    I would appreciate a up to date command list.
  • Hoomans for president.
  • I have gotten on the BC server fine. When I try to host an offline game I set the type to Construction on Flatland and when I get in game the mod is not enabled. There is a Purebuild load-out but no boxes underneath it.

    When I save a building using /savebuilding 1.cs where does it go?
  • HHumans yes i built that
    Save files are somewhere in gamedata/construction for sure, don't remember where exactly. Are you actually running a construction mod when you host offline? Like I said earlier you don't need the mod to play online. When hosting offline you will need the mod.

    Possible issues: I think that SI creates a construction mod folder. Hosting your own server will also use a construction mod folder. I would install Tribes 2 in two different directories (Dynamix and Dynamix2 for instance). One for online use, and one for hosting the mod offline. Also, find a .dso deleter and run that every time you install a new mod and you are having issues. The mod may come with one, otherwise i think the-construct hosts a download for one. Or manually search for .dso extensions and delete them. This cures a lot of problems. However, hosting servers has never been my specialty. Hopefully Krash can come provide some insight.

    One more awesome reason to play online: You can link your forum account with the server and download anything you build online for your own personal use. I honestly dont remember how to do this. Again, I hope Krash can help you out more here.

    This is strictly my own opinion but I feel that the current version of metallic being hosted on BC is the best version of any construction mod to date. It is easy and has a lot of building functionality that other mods never had. The more you play the more you find, might not be as noticeable at first.
  • Is there a place to download the same version of metallic the server runs?

    I did a search of my Tribes 2 directory for .cs files and there was no 1.cs. Maybe it does not save if you don't have the mod installed locally?
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    For the most part, the tools are all pretty straightforward and can be sussed out with a bit of experimenting - though it may take a bit longer to master. I suppose the same could be said for the mod in general, but if you're looking to learn you're probably best suited working with a few other people on a group project and asking for help as needed.

    If I recall, Construction v0.70a doesn't actually incorporate more than a handful of commands (things like /bf and /opendoor), and none that would be particularly useful for building. The list Humans posted is the most comprehensive list of chat commands (if you need console commands I'm fairly sure there's an old function list somewhere) for the old Metallic 1.4 beta, but extensive documentation just doesn't exist for most variations of Construction mod, since the development of these was generally an organic process of throwing things at the wall and hoping for the best.

    The version running on the server is built up on a rather horrendous and fickle codebase that is reliant on a few serverside executable modifications, so was never publicly released. The mod is really meant to be played online anyways, and is far more interesting with other people.
    If you're looking to play offline in order to use the editor, keep in mind that you won't be able to use Structural Infinity at the same time, so will be limited in the pieces you can use.

    The savebuilding command saves buildings serverside. On your own server, it would save in "GameData/Construction/Buildings/", but only if the mod you're using has the chat command (on older mods you might need to use the console command).
    If you're running the command on the BC server without admin access, I believe it saves to a slot that can be loaded from the lobby by right-clicking on your name. If you want to save buildings online however, you should be using the "Building Manager" found in the top-right corner of the lobby to save your files.
    There is an uploader of sorts in the mod that can put your files up on the site for download, but it's one-way and isn't necessarily 100% reliable. The chat command to connect your in-game account to the forum should be "/link [auth code]" using the "Auth Code" found in the forum navbar under the private messages link.

    The problems you're experiencing with hosting should be fixed by running the DSO remover batch files included with the mod. The issue specifically is that since you had run the game/server prior to running Construction mod from the correct shortcut, the game had compiled scripts from the base mod. These precompiled scripts took precedence over a number of required scripts in your mod folder, and as such prevented them from loading.

    If offline play is absolutely required for you, I would recommend trying ECM, which I think should have similar building capabilities, as well as a few interesting features.
  • HHumans yes i built that
    Well, if you are running vanilla construction mod, like .69 or .7, the save command I gave you probably won't work. I don't know what the save command is for that. Krash would have to be the one to let you know about the metallic version he runs. I don't think he ever "published" it. I'd send him a PM if I were you.

    Also, did you actually get the mod to run correctly? If not, I am not sure how the save function would work without it :P


    Wow, I just got ninja'd.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Long story short about the mod is that it's basically a gigantic mess of things thrown on top of a huge mess, and includes a few hundred experimental things that are either not used, seen, or are required by other things... in addition to some ancient things. A few years ago I did actually start a new Construction mod from scratch without any of the extras and leftovers from T2 base or anything - basically a total conversion construction mod (but still serverside, and loading takes a fraction of the time since the fat was cut out) - but unfortunately other things got in the way.
    It might be a bit late to put more work into that.
  • HHumans yes i built that
    A few years ago I did actually start a new Construction mod from scratch without any of the extras and leftovers from T2 base or anything - basically a total conversion construction mod (but still serverside, and loading takes a fraction of the time since the fat was cut out) - but unfortunately other things got in the way. It might be a bit late to put more work into that.

    Sadly, you are probably right :( Too bad, too.

    HOWEVER, you should start a standalone game and market it for steam and make the big $$$.

  • I was going to suggest the stand alone game, for an architecture student this is gold. Revit and CAD are nice for precision but we have no tool for easily building a rough model and walking around in it. If you want assistance with testing or some advice on marketing I have a business background.

    I currently have no mod installed other than TribesNext and SI. I can join the BC server, but it freezes within a few minutes. I was able to build a small building frame earlier today, it should be saved on the server as 1.cs. The general building process came back to me pretty fast as I used to spend a good deal of time playing Construction.

    Any thoughts on what would be causing my freezes?

    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3 GHz
    3.5 GB usable RAM
    32 bit Windows 7
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Yeah, the standalone has always been the eventual plan, and has had an attempt or two in the past (starting with the short lived Construction: The Game project in 2002), but most previous projects met up with some complication or other and didn't get far. Hopefully I will have some time this year to sit down and put something basic together, though.

    The savebuilding chatcommand isn't often used these days since most people use the building manager, but you should be able to load that file by right-clicking on your name in the lobby.
    Think there are around 20,000 saved buildings on the server from over the years at this point.

    You might be freezing up during the Structural Infinity initialization sequence if there are people on and more than a thousand or so pieces in use. It can take a few minutes for everything to load and unfreeze, but if you have your network sliders maxed out in your settings it shouldn't take as long.
  • I cleared all .dso's and turned some of the lighting effects off. It works fine now.

    I would like to keep my files on this computer, as I plan to use this for project work much of it would be proprietary. How would you suggest setting up a LAN? Or would it be easier to run my own server online?

    I mean it would be best to run the same offline version that your server uses.
  • TThyth AKA Electricutioner
    If you'll be operating offline, you'd be best off running my version of the mod (ECM), which Krash linked in one of his posts above. The exact tools/deployable objects vary beyond the baseline of Construction 0.69a (which was the common branch off point for the codebases about 8 or 9 years ago) between Krash's Metallic and my ECM, but the experience is still going to be better than any other option.

    In some ways, ECM is more advanced than the variant that runs on The Construct server, especially if you want to organically push/pull on objects in the style of the editor (since there's an editor-like tool for all users), or interactive buildings (moving parts can be done with motion devices, and circuits built with the logic pack). It incorporates chat commands for saving, and the save system has been totally overhauled to improve the fidelity of the restoration process during loads.

    If you need help setting it up, you can find me (and Krash) on IRC (#the_construct on Since ECM source is hosted in a Mercurial repository, you may need some assistance in cloning the files to your local machine for hosting.
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