Tell me what you think.

Tell me what you think about this model.
Its a concept model for CCM's interceptor/multirole fighter.


  • ddarkavenger_35 =TKM={{cha0s}}
    pretty badass
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    I would've gone in a slightly different direction myself, but it looks pretty interesting.

    A few thoughts I had:
    For a frame of that size it seems like it could be a bit heavy on the front end... it might look better with slightly different wing placement/span, or a shorter fuselage. Here's a quick paint over of how it might look if shortened a bit, along with a rough sketch of the a different intake configuration idea.

    Might even play around with the tail stabilizers a bit if you did shorten it, but if it works, it works.

    Also, with the wing assembly set high in the frame like that it might look cool with lift fans set in the wings (and possibly some rotation), which would give it some evident mode of low-speed flight as well as VTOL. It would probably mean rethinking the weapon mounts, but it would be pretty well suited for air-to-ground assault.
  • DondeliumDondelium Old timer
    First off, THANK YOU for your very well put together idea. Those are hard to find.

    I like your idea with tucking the wings in. It does help fix how heavy the front end is. I worry it is too short like that though. Maybe if i stretched out the engines a little to match the fuselage. Ill have to make a "short" version, and see how I feel about it.

    As for the intake points. Gonna have to shoot that out of the air real fast. Only because where you set them is where the guns go. Other than that I like the way it looks.

    The engine height: Gonna leave it where it is. The idea I have is that it does have VTOL, and the landing gear are kinda tall. Those engine nozzles actually tilt 45 degrees down, and then the fins inside would help direct the flow of exhaust downward. Toying around with secondary exhaust points like the harrier has that actually tilt the nose up in the air before the main exhaust points kick in.

    Gonna make a short version real fast. Keep the ideas coming.
  • DondeliumDondelium Old timer
    Real quick run with the shortening idea. Looks pretty nice.
  • DondeliumDondelium Old timer
    I just realized what you were talking about with the VTOL and the wings. I dont know. I would really like to keep the flight mechanics similar in the concept, and gameplay of these fighters as I had it in CCM. Fast paced, semi-realistic, with stalling, and only limited, if any, VTOL capabilities. This goes specifically with fighters which main role is to hit and run anyway. The mixing of fighter/helicopter roles honestly kinda drives me insane.
  • PITOT tubes!, clean shinny metal textures, decals, wing exhausts, asymetrical tail antenas.. dunno how many of those are possible but those would be my suggestions heheh.. by the way it looks pretty cool so far
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Yeah, was just spit-balling with the vert fan idea, wasn't sure the specific role you had in mind. But yeah, I was that guy who would take the F-35 out and use the lift thrust in completely unintended ways in the middle of a BF2 match just because it was hilarious to hop on top of somebody's head unexpectedly.

    The idea behind moving the intake around for that sketch was based around the airflow around and into the intake - though it was mostly doodling and not the exact configuration I would choose, looking at it now. Specifically, in collecting higher pressure air underneath and optimizing the flow into the compressor (and possibly generating some lift) rather than allowing it to slip over, as well as thinking that the surface area underneath the intake might noticeably modify the drag coefficient when the air hits it, depending on how the guns are mounted and the angle of the surface. It wouldn't be practical to take up all that space from the gun mounts of course, but it might still be worth playing around with how the air will flow into the intake ramp. :p

    I like the balance with it shortened like that though, looks good.
  • Dark Dragon DXDark Dragon DX The Programmer
    To me the plane looks reasonably modern rather than futuristic which I would think the objective was here considering CCM. Dangerous looking as well, especially considering you had mentioned it -may- have VTOL capabilities as well. However in this case the vertical thrust may not help much since it's not a Crysis VTOL (transport type thing) but I think it may see use in certain maneuvers if that type of functionality is added. For example, I'd use it to make quick turns or to turn around perhaps.

    If it were to have a machine gun mount on it (I just don't see one visible in the picture and you didn't mention one) then perhaps then it could have use as a VTOL for helping clearing out infantry on the ground or barricaded in buildings depending on building material and the caliber of bullet that this thing would be firing. The missile mounts would also help in the same case if they can be fired dumb fire like the White Horse's first weapon mode. However this would leave the plane very, very vulnerable to AA attacks if it doesn't happen to have flares built into it like the White Horse did.

    You did say it was a multi-role fighter after all.
  • DondeliumDondelium Old timer
    The idea behind vehicles in the new CCM is to have them be customizable. That's why it has 4 hard-points under the wing to mount weapons to. The guns on the other hand go in the ports under the engine intake, and will have different types to choose from. (not really sure what types will be available) So the weapon loadouts will be up the the user, be it he wants 4 bombs, 2x2 SRMs with 2 rocketpods, or whatever.

    It will also have very limited VTOL that will not provide enough lift to fly, but can get it off, and on the ground safely, it can, as you said, also be used as a supplement for manuvers. It can "hover" but will be very hard to aim while keeping it controlled.
    It is also the only one of the 3 fighters to have any VTOL.

    As for flares, it has flares just like the interceptor in CCM (current version) does. They are short lived, not always successful, and run out quickly, being useful more as a last ditch missile deterrent than a countermeasure system.
  • AlvissAlviss Banned (Too sexy)
    I think this is perfect for CCM. Looking forward to this Keep it up. :)
  • DondeliumDondelium Old timer
    Made another one. This one is the Tornado (Air-Superiority Fighter)

    Now some background info. This fighters front control wings, rotate up and down a little to assist with high speed maneuvers. Also, it has F22 style exhaust redirecting nozzles.

    Basically, this plane will turn faster than the engines can get it back up to speed, and can keep turning using the thrusters even while stalling out, giving this fighter the ability to conduct maneuvers unheard of by any other pilots.
  • DondeliumDondelium Old timer
    Nothing? No one has anything to say about the tornado?
    Fine then I have something to say: "bump"... and "biscuits".
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    I would probably move the cockpit closer to the nose of the plane (anywhere from halfway up to the length of the control fins), and lower it into the curvature of the fuselage so it blends better and lowers the profile. Almost getting an Arwing vibe with it back there, though. :p

    You might also possibly re-arrange the intakes so that they're underneath the fins (even around down to where your hard points on the bottom are) rather than being behind them so they're unobstructed and benefit from the higher compression. Placing them on the bottoms of the wings could also give you a more natural cleaner sweep over the top of the plane.
  • DondeliumDondelium Old timer
    Well I made a real quick rework using some of what you said.

    Now with the fins and the engines, these engines are built to tilt there intake fins correctly to provide the jets with maximum pressure and the frontal wings are specially made to provide a smooth enough air stream to the engines that it doesn't cause an issue.

    Basically, I like the design, but cant figure out a good way to aesthetically reposition them while keeping the function I want for them. I know I could put the intakes under the plane, but that's going to ask for a massive revamp of the design.

    Edit: I also tried making a F16-like intake, but it was just poo.
  • AlvissAlviss Banned (Too sexy)
    Nicely done man. :)

    I didnt know you were a talented modeler. :3
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