Playing Tribes 2 with 120 bots.

Essentially, I was bored and wondered what would happen if you circumvent the hard coded bot count maximum of 64 in Tribes 2. The result is the video below:


You pretty much just need to patch 5 bytes at 0xA9DD8 of a TribesNext executable to 0x9090909090 which NOPs out the CALL instruction to actually trigger the game halt.


  • Looks like it was coded at 64 for a good reason. :P
  • Dondelium wrote:
    Looks like it was coded at 64 for a good reason. :P

    This was actually mostly out of the shoddy video recording software I used. Without it, the game was playable albeit it had a minor hiccup every so often.

    The crash at the end was probably mostly due to the huge pile up of corpses as there is a known crash exploit in Tribes 2 with servers that don't time limit the change team command since when you don't, you can get people who quickly oscillate between teams and create too many corpses for the game to handle.

    Even with the hard coded limit of 64 lifted, I wouldn't go far beyond 120 as I also tried playing a game with 200 active bots but this generated an unplayable level of lag the moment the mission started and the game promptly crashed within 10 or 15 seconds.

    Still, it is curious that Dynamix implemented this hard-coded limit when their software is easily capable of bot counts beyond 64. The error you get normally states that it has run out of dynamic graph connections, which suggests that their AI system is literally only capable of deploying 64 and that this error message was displayed rather than simply crashing.
  • I laughed the second I saw that line for the inventory station.
  • DEATHBORNDEATHBORN Reborn from death...!
    thats indeed pretty nuts. the deathmatch was awesome, so many kills too much time for bodies to despawn.
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