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    For anyone who was confuse:

    "rachael brown theguardian, Friday, February 29, 2008 19:00 gmt go to the comments (...) an embarrassing report published this week by the common core, a newly-established education advocacy organization, says that American teenagers are vastly ignorant of basic history and literature.it seems less than half of the 1,200 American teenagers interviewed in a telephone survey knew when the Civil War was fought,, And one in four said Columbus sailed for the new world a bit 'of time after 1750, not in 1492. as the New York Times: \ "the group says President Bush's education law, No Child Left Behind,, Has impoverished public school programs taking into schools accountable for student scores on annual tests in reading and math, but not in other subjects. \ "For short, too much time on math and reading is knocked out American students.now, while narrowing the curriculum under NCLB unpopular was certainly well documented, I wonder if the law is the reason that Americans 17 years of age do not know the date the journey of Columbus across the Atlantic. firstly, I wonder how many American adults could answer the questions posed in the survey. after all, we live in an era when television quiz shows like are you smarter than a 5th grader? have large successes,, And President Bush's own press officer admits that she does not know the Cuban missile crisis.should we can be proud of this? Of course not. if nothing else, we are tired of hearing about it. USA Today calls him \ "fatigue dummy \", reported this week that \ "a large number of new books, studies and films all tell a similar story:. Americans - particularly young Americans - I do not know a lot about how researchers in each time and think tank types attack, the response from educators gets a little 'more tired. \ "but, like the popular eduwonkette education commentator writes: \" if there are any leaks at all in the historical fact of knowledge, the change of studies social teaching away from the facts to memorize, the diversification of the curriculum and a cultural ethos focused on britney, paris miley and are more likely culprits of NCLB. \ "the greatest concern arising from this survey is the basic readiness common report its findings as the fault of NCLB,, Which,, Despite its flaws, has been designed with the aim not unreasonable to keep American schools responsible for student learning. is politically fashionable to blame the totality of the nation's educational ills of NCLB, but it is also no secret that the United States have a long way to go in ensuring that all students are mastering the fundamentals such as math and reading ( subjects which can also arguably be strengthened in the context of school science or history). the bottom line is that 70% of U.S. eighth grade are not proficient in reading,, And most will never recover. only a small handful of states show more than 50% of their students proficient in math and reading on the National Assessment of Education Progress. and 'clear that American students need more time and support for these people - good thing is the historical curiosities complained over the leaders of the common core if a student is not able to handle the math grade-level literacy or perhaps a more useful due to the common core? would be to address school calendar obsolete america. on average, the nations participating in the trends in international mathematics and science study spend 193 days each year in school, compared with only 180 in the United States. over 12 years, this deficit results in a gap of nearly an entire school year. states like Massachusetts have already followed the example of many other developed nations and to put in place a school day longer, and their students are proving more and more successful for it. that extra time is helping to balance the agenda of the school so that all students receive instruction in the wide range of topics that deserve - including literature and history.
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    Two years of preparation lead to these threads.
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    I love how the OP ends with a row of question marks like they don't even know what they're yammering on about.
  • the change of studies social teaching away from the facts to memorize, the diversification of the curriculum and a cultural ethos focused on britney, paris miley and are more likely culprits of NCLB.

    that line is quite deep
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