This Brings Me Back

Howdy folks, I'm not sure if the community is still alive or not, and to be honest I joined out of nostalgia for the game and the mod, I'm Brian, used to go by Kuma or Kovos (I forget which. Heck, I could be way off!) I played between 03-05 if memory serves, and thought I'd pop by and say hello and see whats up? I remember playing on Quantium X and Metallic, always trying to build a meteor proof house... to no avail I'm afraid or ships up in the sky. Anyways, howdy!



  • IplopIplop *witty slogan*
    hmmm, Name doesn't ring a bell but Howdy
  • HHumans yes i built that
    That was roughly when I started getting into con mod (maybe, it's all a blur now anyways) so I don't remember any names from back then haha. Good memories anyways, good to see people popping back in.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
  • Many hours spent building here!

    I haven't found anything remotely close to how perfect this game/mod/community was ever since.
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