Could someone come on some time and explain some of the ropes to me please, if you have the time?
Plus, it'd be great to build with some one else.


  • Hey! did you just get into construction? this community has sort of been (un)dead for some time now, but you sound like you just found out about it, I'm curious, are you new? how did you find out?

    sorry if I'm not being as helpful as you might wish but I kind of moved on from T2 :( , still wish you best!
  • No.
    I played 5 years ago when I was eleven. I didn't really ever do much besides for drive vehicles, but I still enjoyed the server.
  • Hmm, I guess that leaves nobody.
  • ddarkavenger_35 =TKM={{cha0s}}
    Oh I can try today if you want
  • ddarkavenger_35 =TKM={{cha0s}}
    You gotta set a time and day for everyone to meet up
  • I'm free most of the time. My time zone is EST.
  • HHumans yes i built that
    What he meant was we need to know when you are on. Most of us don't check the servers regularly but a few of us like to hop on when we know people are on.
  • ddarkavenger_35 =TKM={{cha0s}}
    I hop on randomly, so my time varies
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