Hello again all

I just so happened to load up Tribes 2 again, played BC for a bit, then saw the splash screen of the site. Figured why not, see if you were all alive and kicking still. lo and behold, it is. Its been interesting to see all these old familiar faces around, aside from the ones I still talk to (Nao, Humans).

Anyways, keep on keeping on.


  • I miss all you glorious fucks.

    I regret being such a bipolar spaz back when T2 was a thing.

  • Heyo, it's good to see some familiar faces indeed. I'm actually looking into hosting ACCM right now. For those that doesn't recognize the username, I'm SnowFire/Rayzor. Feel free to add me on steam under Khaosius.

    EDIT: I've successfully figured out how to get the server running, but I have no idea if other's can connect to it, so.
  • FFalconBlade CCM Concept Dev
    Any plans for the weekend like Friday night or Saturday? Figure one or two of the devs should stop by!
  • At the moment I've got a date Friday, but I think I'll host this Saturday for a while, on and off all day. Everyone is welcome, devs especially! I'd love to revive ACCM.
  • CCMDRBOB World Keeper
    I miss all you glorious fucks.

    I regret being such a bipolar spaz.


    Also, what have you been up to lately?
  • Meep.
  • AlvissAlviss Banned (Too sexy)
  • Holy hell, this is still a thing. Love it.
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