Construction Guides

I have made my own construction guides, Only 4 are available. 1 introduction, 3 guides.

They are in COMPLETE order. at your convenience.
Krash, if you dont want to post a link to my forums, you are free to copy my guides to the construct forums. Just here to help out. :)

-took me 7 days to finish them. (Mostly because i was slacking off most of those days hehe).

ok well, im out for the night. Hope you enjoy.


  • TThyth AKA Electricutioner
    Spelling and grammar checks might be useful.

    Oh, and Clockworks doesn't run Metallic.
  • "And select Mod ->Metallic 1.4. Then download it."
    Hey theres other mods ...
    like moo and QX (both are not really good but anyway ... they do the job)

    (finaly got my 3 post)
  • CCMDRBOB World Keeper
    My Construction starter guide consisted of me pressing random keys and taking mental notes of what each setting did. I didnt even know how to use advanced rotate till about 2 years ago. I learned by playing experience. Trial and error. Alot of time on my own server experimenting to see what everything did. and Im still nowhere near as good as some people ive came across (Warlord X for example) Its all how you learn it, a guide isnt gonna help you remember everything, if you want to learn the mod and how to build/script/map etc, it takes time and practice at it, no guide is gonna make you a proficient builder. And due the the expansive selection of Mods off the origional .69, Your gonna see that what may apply in one mod dosent apply in another and you would have to write a guide for every mod, and every edition of that mod, your guide would have to be updated for any changes. As I said, best way is to learn by experience, read the info, and most of the current mods have a /help function, to get you mod specific help.
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