sorry, ive got another question.

how come some people can see my server and some cant?


  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Well, what's different about the players? Are they on a local network? Are you behind a firewall or router? Do they know what they're looking for? Did they favourite it previously and are querying it regardless of it being on the list?

    If it is indeed broadcast on the master server list, it would be dependent on the filters on their end. For example, they might have their filter set to "Rules: Construction" while the others have it set to "Gametype: Construction". The rules filter is based on the actual mod path, while the gametype is defined by the loaded mission.

    Otherwise you've probably got the ports blocked behind a firewall or need to forward them on your router.

    Should stick these kind of threads in the help section for a quicker response.
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